Writing Challenge:My Father

This is all about the perfect person,my role model,a person who is for love and care.                                                                          My handsome Dad,whom i love so much.I consider him a role model and ideal.He has a charming personality with tall height.He has short black and grey hairs.Mostly informal dressing,smile on her face even in problem.A great and happy man.                                                                    m the youngest in my family,so i m Papa's Princess.I love the way he teaches,he preaches and the smile he passes.He held my finger in every step of life,since born n till now.He becomes a lawyer when my life is like case.He is a teacher when i m in problem and most of all he is friend when i need buddy.Whenever he speaks a new lesson come out.I always gain knowledge and get something new whenever sit with my dad.My father mostly does not show his feeling may be he is strict but his attitude and words shows the love,care and protection.                                                                                                     FATHER always teaches two lessons.                                                                                        1.Be confident:it is the key of success.                                                                                        2.never ever cry:because he thinks that only coward people cry.I never ever saw in my whole life tears in his eyes.He is really a brave and strong man.He always encourages me when i am afraid of failure.He is my everything.                                                                                                          These are  few things which i share.There are many more because you know the father is a king so  princess's king has the many abilities.But i wanna just write now that no one in this world like you papa.You gave and still provide all those which i want.your arms are always opened when i am sad.love u soooo much my dad.U r always in all the chambers of heart.

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  • ameen n thanks for ur comment mishaikh :)

  • Wow! what a lovely attribution of a sweet daughter for her HANDSOME PA! May Allah bless you all.

  • hello dear freedom :)

    exactly u r right he is always like an iron sheet for protection.

    n u help me always as did n i will try more :P ;)

    thanks for ur nice comment :)

  • hi Tara benwell..:)

    thanks for this correction n comment:)

  • Thanks for joining us this month! I loved this part: "He becomes a lawyer when my life is like a case."

    English tip: Check the spelling in your title. It is a common error to use two t's in this word. ;) 

  • thanks maghol for ur comment.

  • thanks noaslpls for ur comment

  • hi ohnie

    yes my father is really great man....thanks of God again n again.

    thnx for ur comment

  • well done,

    yes for sure a father is more than a hundred school masters. May God grant him long life.

  • A nice tribute to your father. :)

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