Have been in love or not

Hey hello, where have you been? It's been long time since I saw you last, I have been looking for you, I was worried much, you neither replied my messages, been sent to you on your cell and by messages. I feel that you have been trying to run away from me.
No, this is not the case, I have never been thinking to run away from you but I just wanted a break, to assess our relationship.

So, what has come out? Am I in or out? Have you been feeling better now, or is the confusion persisted?

I have been thinking since I left you last, and I came up to the decision that we can go on as friends, and nothing more. I do not think about you as my boyfriend or more.

You decided so and didn’t think about me what I feel. Has there been no value of my emotions in your eyes? You initiated all this and when I am deep in love with you, it has been cooking in your mind that I have been nothing in your life but a mere friend.

Listen to me; I have been trying to figure it out for hours and hours. It is true I initiated it, I have been concentrating on my studies, and you have always been there before my eyes, this was having an inverse impact on my studies. So I decided to stay away from you.

Okay, will it work if we have a break and stay quiet for a while.

Yes, it is, that’s what I have been trying to convey to you.

I had been hoping to have her back, but she never turned up. 

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  • JS Thanks. Lady Noor is versatile.

  • What a lovely blog whose love's scent can be smelled everywhere in it with every tense you tenderly used!

    To Lady Noor,
    Is this amazingly touching-heart poem your own innovation!!!
    Really you are NOOR, but now I could behold another lovely new colour of your such NOOR......a rainbow of light...
  • Thanks Lady Noor for your poetic reaction.  Its like old time.

    Awakened lots of memories. 

    Thanks again.

    Would it be possible for you to take a look at my other blogs?

  • Nice blog! Thanks for sharing. As Lady Anne said it is difficult to learn " present perfect continuous tense", I rarely see this tense in EC blogs.

  • Onee, I.F. Freedom,

    thanks a lot for appreciation.

    Expector, thanks for guidance.

  • @Mishaikh

    Great job! Could you rewrite this sentence:  "I have never been thinking to run away"?


    I really appreciate your corrections. Keep up your great work!

  • I had fetch "cook up". Thanks a million

  • Oh, break means break forever... Some people argued about this, so please just say bye if you want bye.. It's really something...

  • @Setareh
    I am totally agree with Anne's advice to you. Just gain confidence. By the way I have always found your English much better. So move on.

  • @Lady Anne
    I am most grateful for your so comprehensive comments and corrections. Actually some errors seems to be there, because I did not use (for experiment) the narrative quotation signs.

    Thanks again for your attention.

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