Writing Prompt ~Good or Well?

Thanks for your intimation; you will not be seeing me anymore, just because you saw me admiring the beauty of another girl. You aren’t doing well, because what you saw on the culture page happened years ago even well before I met you. I am not feeling well right now. It isn’t good of you that you judge me on the basis of action done well before in the past. I will not be able to cope well without you, try to understand me. It wasn’t love I showed to her. She was a good friend. I admired her because she always behaved well and she was well cultured. She had a good character. She was a good guitarist, and you know very well that I love music.
Well, I hope you have understood me, because you have a good sense of understanding. I’m sure that the good time will be back when I’ll have you back in my arms.

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  • Thanks Onee for long waited comment.

  • This well written is quite good to read. 

    Thanks for sharing, Mishaikh. :)

  • Well!  well!! well!!! almira you got the point very well!!!!

  • Im sure if she reads this message of you, she well understand you very well..

  • Oh Tara, how nice to see you on this side, and thanks for encouragement.

  • Thanks Sathiavathi km & Teacher Jr for appreciation.

  • A blog with good and well. very interesting with a nice story. we expect more from you. Thank you  Mishaikh.  congrats and best wishes.

  • Thanks..... I really like to write a lot ...... I hope that you'll enjoy my writings

  • Wow! Beautiful writing! Thanks for being an excellent model for our bloggers. 

  • love it!
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