Writing Prompt ~ A Piece of Advice

Hello Fatu,

You asked me to Advise you on how to handle money, here are the piece of advice I have for you. 

Never use whatever money you have carelessly. Remember to always use your money to get or do things that will benefit you tomorrow. As we all know that money plays a very important role in our life. So, I advice you to always be careful on how to mange whatsoever you have the best way you think you can handle it.

I hope you will take this piece of advice in to consideration, remember Peter gave Sara similar advice last week when she was leaving for Vacation.

Your sister,


Hello friend, please correct me if i made any mistakes.


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  • Wow!! thanks for that correction @ AReality , I appreciate it.

  • Wow, I make a lots of error in my first writing prompt. Thanks to all of you for the comments and suggestions. I have learned alots from you guys.

  • Try to write more.

  • Good try, Komala.

    Keep writing and you'll agree it's worth it. 

  • Good advice Komala ... 

  • Nice work on the corrections everyone! I love seeing how you all help each other. 

    You can remember "advice" is a noun just like a block of "ice". Can you fix the places where "advice" should be "advise"? 

  • Wow thanks so much Luci.. I got it and I will take it into consideration.

    Thanks for your comment

  • Wow! okay thanks so much my sis for your nice comment @Anah

  • Komala, 

    well good try, just remember that adviSe - is verb and adviCe - is noun, pretty tricky ha? :-) so in your first sentenence you should have written - you asked me to adviSe you or to order/give you adviCe. Got it? And one more thing but it might be typo... vacation not vocation I guess you meant in your last sentence. Keep on practising, dear :-)

  • I shall try my best to use my money in a best and beneficial way Komala thanks for such wise advice.

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