Writing Challenge: Dinner Guest (WHO Would I Invite?)

I've been a member of English Club for about two years now. Anyone here WHO's ever met me knows that I'm a huge DR. WHO fan.

Some may ask why I'd chose such an eccentric fictional character as a dinner guest. He's not exactly notorious for having excellent table manners.

(Here he is eating with his hands. Although not depicted in this photograph, both elbows are obviously on the table.)


Others may wonder, "WHO the heck is Eric writing about"?


For those of you WHO've been hiding underneath a rock for the past fifty years, don't receive the BBC via satellite or cable, or just plain haven't heard of or don't care for science fiction, I'll give a brief explanation of the storyline and main character involved. In a "nutshell", Dr. Who is a thousand year old (give or take a year or two) alien or time lord from the planet Gallifrey.

Gallifrey dream by nokeek

He travels through space and time in a ship that's disguised as a mid twentieth century British Police Phone Box. The ship merely looks small from the outside. It's actually much larger on the inside.

(Yes, it's rather tacky décor for the "business end" of such a powerful ship. The Doctor isn't actually known for his modest tastes in interior decorating.)


Through his travels, the doctor encounters many significant and often dangerous threats from alien invaders that possess the ability to alter the reality of past, present, and future civilizations here on Earth or anywhere in the universe. Although his brand of genius can appear to be awkward and dim witted at times, he always wins the battle and saves the day. He never uses violence or a weapon to accomplish his goals. The only weapon he posses is his words. His command of the English Language always has more power than any gun, sword, or laser. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. He does carry one weapon like device. It's known as a sonic screwdriver. Unfortunately, it's frequently rather unreliable and usually has just enough power to open a door or pick a lock at a crucial point in the storyline.


Oh gosh! It was so much fun describing my would be dinner guest. I almost forgot Tara's challenge...


Dinner service would consist of several hundred choices of appetizers, salads, main courses, and deserts. Time lords can often be somewhat picky eaters and it's best to offer them many choices. More than likely, I wouldn't be in the mood to cook. Having such a well traveled dining guest in my presence would be far too distracting. A well fortified dinner buffet in a Las Vegas casino has the ability to meet the dietary requirements of kings, queens, and visiting dignitaries. Why not a time lord?  


Keep in mind that our good doctor has a time machine and we're in Las Vegas. Why not invite a few dinner guests to our table from Las Vegas' golden age of entertainment.

(Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra)

Now that I've described the scene and cast of characters in attendance, it'd truly be a pleasure to describe what would transpire with such an unlikely gathering. Unfortunately, there's an old saying in Las Vegas. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...Sorry, I've been sworn to secrecy!


Lucky for you, keeping secrets isn't exactly a strength of mine so I will share one tiny photo from the would be evening that may or may not have transpired.


(I gave the doctor fair warning in regards to the adult beverages being served with dinner. I told him not to try and keep up with Dean, Sammy, and Frank. Unfortunately, he enjoyed one too many martinis.)














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  • Fantastic! Thanks for joining this month's challenge. Frank Sinatra and Dr. Who, huh? I'd love to attend.

    BTW - I wonder if our members know this "priceless" reference. I assume this credit card slogan would be translated into many languages!

  • Fantastic fantasy!

  • Sounds like fun though a bit out of this world dinner. :D :D

  • Can I be your photographer?
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