Honestly, I could rant and rave regarding the problems of our global issues. As a somewhat educated person, who's occasionally traveled and seen different cultures, watched the evening news, and experienced a bit of what life has to offer, standing on a soap box and picking just one subject would be too easy. My opinion through all of those collective experiences and memories is deeply mine and not something to be shared in a blog posting for English Club.

To me, The World's Biggest Problem lies much closer to the heart and is more personal than an opinion regarding religion, politics, economics, environmental issues, etc. etc.

It'd be nice to stroke my own ego while claiming an original thought to prove a point. Still, that's not the case here. Someone else wrote something so profound and life changing (to me) that I thought it warranted sharing with the members of English Club. The language and content will be edited to protect the anonymity of the author and suit the purpose in which it was meant.

Acceptance is the answer to all of my problems today. When I am disturbed, it's because I find some person, place, thing, or situation unacceptable in my life. I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it's supposed to be at any given moment.

Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God's world by mistake. Until I could accept this fact, I could not find peace in my life. Unless I could accept life on life's terms, true happiness eluded me. Today, I need not concentrate so much in what needs to be changed in the world but what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes.

In conclusion, all I can say is this, "The real world begins when you turn off the computer, step outside your own front door, and face what fate your maker has bestowed upon you. How you deal with that fate is entirely up to you".

The one thing all English Club members have power (while online) over is there own attitude. Please, use that power wisely. Whether you're a learner, teacher, or someplace in between, show passion for the English Language while realizing that you're not alone. English is a beautiful language. Often the boundaries of where we reside dictate who we chose to respond to or speak with. Fear can make that choice for us at times.

Perhaps The World's Biggest Problem is what lies in our own thought processes and how we react to outside individuals?

With all of that said and done, did you think to hug your mother, father, child, wife, husband, relative, best friend, etc. and tell them how much they meant to you before turning on your computer? Hopefully you did. There's an old English saying that states, "Charity begins at home". Before we can tackle the problems of the world, we must first address the pressing issues that elude us locally. Perhaps the World's Biggest Problem lies in the gray matter that sits between our own ears. That gray matter is called a brain. Please, use it wisely.





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  • Really meaningful and worthy, Thanks for sharing your view with us.

  • I think we try to run from our real problems by running to the virtual world and pretending that we control every thing.

  • Wow this blog is really inspirational. I'm glad you came up with this topic . People always help their self to think that everything that happens to them is everyone elses fault. But in real I think it's us the mistake for everything that happen to us. Maybe our past mistakes and whatsoever. It's very easy to live when we think that simply, without pointing finer at others. 

  • There's a saying in Malay which I roughly translated as "We noticed an ant across the ocean, but ignored an elephant that right in front of our eyes". We tend to talk/discuss things/mistakes that are beyond our own borders/homes or by others, but at the same time we ignored our own problems/mistakes. We should clean up our acts first, before pointing fingers or even trying to right what we perceived wrong doings by others.

  • You have very well explained. It would be even better if you just point out with possible solution one big problem lies just out side your own front door. Mostly our problems are common, it makes it easy to understand when we discuss and give a possible/probable solution.

    I congratulate you for bring the topic in general.

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