Writing Challenge - The Land of My Birth

I was born and brought up in Kerala (known as God’s own country), India. It is a beautiful state in South India known for its spices, heritage,tempting culture and more importantly for travel and tourism. And it is the most advanced society in India with Hundred percent literacy and World class health care systems.



For me it’s my heaven, where I wandered or where my dreams were budded…. I spent my childhood there however I couldn't continue my education there when I was 13 years old my family had moved back to Delhi (Capital city of India) permanently. Usually when I’m stressed or upset I flip through old photos of my album and it had a magical effect to relieve my stress. There were photos of many people but what really caught my eyes where some beautiful parts of the state I had known or loved. It is pleasure to remember those lovely days when you were with your childhood friends and blasted as if there is no tomorrows but at the same time it is sad because those good days are gone and will never come back again.

And I believe there is a magical place in everyone’s life which stays at the core of our heart and finally we all will return to that place no matter where our life’s journey takes us. 

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  • @ Grace - It's so nice to hear that you like to visit my place..you are always welcome dear..:)
  • I wish to visit your place soon! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you so much Tara for your valuable comment :)
  • Thank you for participating in this month's writing challenge. I loved the part about turning to photo albums when you feel homesick. I do the same! I absolutely agree with your conclusion. 

  • Rajesh - Thank u so much for your comment.

    Seeker - Thank u seeker for liking my blog.

    Syed - Long time bro..nice to see your comment on my blog.
  • Yeah noas, I can't love any place as much as my homeland..it is where my heart belong.Thanks for your comment dear.
  • I really like your blog and really loved the way you wrote it.....Amazing.....

  • So lovely! Old photos are really magical. :)

    Proud to be Indian!

    Hope you loved and enjoyed the song. <3

  • Home where the heart is. It seems your heart belongs in Kerala.

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