There is a fun story-writing challenge that many fiction writers participate in at this time of year – the very short, very creepy story challenge. By very short, I mean only two sentences long! Will you accept this month's writing challenge? 

Your Task:

1. Add a new blog post. Use the title "Writing Challenge: My Terrifying Two-Line Tale(s)".

2. Write a scary/creepy story that has a beginning, middle, and end, but only uses two sentences. Give your story a title.

3. Publish your story and share a link here. (If you want to write more than one story, add your other stories to the same post. Make sure your readers know that each story is different. Give each story a new title.) We will tweet the best very short and creepy stories on @EnglishClub.

4. Read other terrifying tales and add comments for the bloggers. 

Note: Please, please, please do NOT copy a two-line creepy story that you found online. That is not fun! If we get enough submissions, I will place them all in one Creepy Collection. 

My Example

The Wrong Floor

I entered the empty elevator from the basement level and chose the 13th floor. As the door shut in front of me, a voice behind me whispered, "Going down?"

UPDATE: Thank you for ALL of your entries this month. Your stories are terrifying and creative! If you used more than two lines in your story, you may have received an extra challenge from me in the comments of your post (you may have tried to get away with clever punctuation ... or you may have written run-on sentences or you may have written too many lines). Please accept my challenge and send me a private message to let me know that you have made some changes that you want me to check. 

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  • good day folks, here is my work:

    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-Line Tales

    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-Line Tales
    1. I heard the sound of soil falling on the coffins lid. Heard from inside... 2. I never heard ghosts whisperings. Untill last night... 3. I slept.…
  • I'm not sure you wanna like it... but here is mine...

    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-Line Tale
    DELICIOUS FOOD My old grandma is always lied down in her bed, she's kindda mute… I brought her the soup dish, that I got she's sitting, gazing into…
  • Hey Tara, I had some ideas but I couldn't choose one of them, so I wrote them all...

    Here they are:


    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two Line Tale
    Well, I have some ideas but I can not choose one of them, so I wrote them all here. You can choose one of them and read. Here they are... VENDETTA Me…


    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-Line Tales 1
    Switch Board Elsa entered into the room at night time for searching her notes, but as she moved toward the switch Board for turn on the light, she fe…
  • Hi Tara

    Here is another tale. :D

    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-Line Tales
    Help Me! Anna was getting worried when her handphone battery was getting weak and the thunderstorms which resulted in the electricity to the area bei…
  • Dear Tara, My second one,

    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-line Tale: 'Close behind'
    Ella was walking alone in a lonely, empty street after a night out when she heard something following her closely. Her heart began pumping, and then…
  • Here is my story:

    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-Line Tales
    Sheeee! I raised my head to pick the cup of coffee, a murky image was there sitting before me, “maaaayyy aaii haaavvve?” Her smoky finger was pointin…

    Hi Tara glad to see this new challenge! Here's my terrifying tale! :)

    Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-Line Tale: THE PUPPET
    Kara dismissed the crazy old lady’s ominous warning against bringing the puppet home with her as it forebode a sinister curse for anyone who would co…
  • Hi Tara. 

    This is my tale.

    Writing Challenge: My Terrifying Two-Line Tale
    The Shadow I was driving alone in the middle of the night. Suddenly, I had to press the car brake when I saw a white shadow crossed in front of me.
  • This challenge sounds like fun - short yet challenging. I'll give a try!

    I enjoyed Tara's two-line story - couldn't be scarier!

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