Writing Challenge: Terrifying Two-Line Tale


My old grandma is always lied down in her bed, she's kindda mute… I brought her the soup dish, that I got she's sitting, gazing into the ceiling... I couldn’t see her face… "hey baby… you brought my food?" she growled while turning her face…


I was in rush, wanted to pass the street so fast… I did… hearing an earsplitting horn… and after that a great braking… boom!!! I turned to see what happened… saw myself down… in a bleeding face…

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  • thanks to all of you.
    and you , Dear Tara. sure. consider it done.

  • Really disturbing stories! :/

  • Oooh. Scary ones! I love these. I challenge you to rewrite them without using ellipses (...). 

  • Hoooooo...., terrified to read AFTER LIFE.

  • Good work!

  • Oooh! really scary stories! But don't afraid your grandma, she is your grandma :) About the After life, I guess that is what happened to every person in the end of his life.

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