Hello and nice to meet you all!

My sweet friend Maggie is a lovely Lady from Switzerland. It was a great chance to meet her and I’m so glad! She is Swiss and a quarter Algerian as she said. She speaks many languages; English, German and others. She practices and teaches Judo, I discovered that during a discussion in Creative Minds group. Maggie is a friendly woman; she met me with her family, we talked to each other by Skype and shared many topics, but still I didn't hear her voice! Maggie, Have you fixed the mic dear?


Do you know Butterfly? I wonder where is she flying these days? Missing her! Annette is my Spanish friend from Dominican Republic. She speaks English and Spanish, I love Spanish language! And I love Annette! She is an enthusiastic girl like me! She loves to do everything she likes without any hesitation. I was surprised when she created her own video The Story Of My Name immediately after we discussed it in Video Speaking groupAnnette is kind and cheerful, and soft-hearted animal lover. The cute dog Peluzzo is her dear friend.


Cold Moon is my close friend from Gaza. She is Palestinian to the core! As me, Arabic is her Native language, she speaks English and French. We knew each other for two years ago at My EC.  Meeting her was one of my dreams came true. Although we recognized each other by the net, we feel like we’re true friends indeed! We contact each other by phone, we understand each other and we have similar feelings and interests.. and hopes, we pray that someday the occupied Palestine will be free!

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  • Marvelous ! I like it ! Keep it up. Thanx

  • Thanks QueenSheki! and bright-rubbies! I hope to meet them one day!

  • Hi dear Camelia, I love your blog .. it's fantastic how u described your friendship with your EC members above .. good work and keep going!
  • Thank you Rajesh! :)

  • How creative you are! Very beautifully written and organized. Love it!

  • Okay butterfly, You can fly around but don't fly away! May God help you in your study!

    Hugs and kisses! (By the way, butterfly kisses are so sweet! ;))

  • @Cold Moon: I don't have the right words to thank you also dear! Keep up encouraging me! :P

  • @Tara: Thanks teacher! ;)

  • @Sahar: I would to know about you more! May I? :D

  • @Camelia Excellent!

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