Writing Challenge : Nations and Nationalities.

Hello dear friends,

I'd like to introduce many of my friends in my blog ,but dear Tara said we have to choose 3-5 EC members :(

Cold moon is a university student, she is Palestinian . She lives in UAE. Her native language is Arabic and she speaks English good. Lately, I knew that Cold moon is learning French.She is  studious girl ,I'm sure she'll succeed.  She is courteous  and loyal friend ,I'd like to meet her one day :D

+Verve+  is an old member here so, she is my granny LOL .She is from Iran and she lives in Iran. Her native language is Persian .Verve's English is excellent ;she can speak Turkish too. I realized that she is a truly open-minded,I love her character so much....

The Ultimate is from ......????? Well, I checked his profile and I found that " well in the end I was right ^_^ "It's Famous country,isn't it ? -_-  The Ultimate once told  me  that he  is from Algeria and he lives in Algeria.His native language is Arabic,his English is excellent and he speaks French as well. He is enthusiastic and discerning person ;he never has a negative reaction to anything.

Gabriel Sowrian is an admirable teacher on EC,he is from Malaysia .He is Malaysian - people of several different ethnics ,religious,languages ,and traditions.His first language is Tamil,this is the language that they speak among Indians.Malay is his second language,teacher Gabriel speaks English language fluently. He is well versed in all the three languages both written and spoken form Woow!! I like his sense of humor very much ,he is inspiring, knowledgeable, and a trustworthy person. If you have any questions about learning tips,don't hesitate to ask him.
Dear teacher,I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)




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  • Hi Asma,

    It looks like you fixed some of the punctuation problems. Don't forget to use proper spacing. There should be no space before a period or comma. The space goes after the period or comma. 

    Here are three places where your comma needs to be fixed. Can you figure out how to fix these? 

    Cold moon is a university student, she is Palestinian .

    She is  studious girl ,I'm sure she'll succeed. 

    She is courteous  and loyal friend ,I'd like to meet her one day :D

  • Beautiful writing Asma! I realized that we have to cut Coldy into two parts! You take a hand and I'll take the other one :P 

    Algerians are always crazy people! :P Ultimate is not that weirder than someone called himself "Algerien Makra" :D

  • haha Rajesh......I agree he is a mysterious person :P

    Thanks Rajesh for dropping by:)

  • Very nice, Asma!

    LOL, I have some questions from The Ultimate after reading your blog. Wait...Ulti, I am coming...:P

  • It's very nice, Asma!

  • It's very nice, Asma!

  • @Dear moon,

    I'm happy to see you here,thanks a lot for your lovely comment,I appreciate it :)

    The pleasure is mine to have you as my friend.

  • @Ulti,

    You're welcome :)

    Heyyyyy,why don't you invite us to visit your country -_- I'm curious to know More about it :P

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for leaving nice comment.

  • @Teacher Gabreil,

    What a nice comment you have left here !! You know pretty well how much your opinion is valuable for me.I'm so happy that you liked the blog,thanks a lot...

    Yes,yes,we have more work there.

    Good luck!!

  • Hi, Asma!

    It's so nice to read from you such a wonderful blog especially when someone finds their name included with special taste and flavor ... 
    Thank you for the kind words, and I hope I can always help. 

    Great Job, Asma ^^ Keep it up.

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