With so much enthusiasm, I am proud to announce my WORD of the Year for 2016:   SAM

Yes, SAM will be a favorite word of my lips comes 2016.  She came to our house brought along by a veterinarian on the night of December 15.  After several instructions which I hardly understood, I came to accept SAM in my life.  Honestly, I am not really an animal lover but there was something between SAM’s eyebrows which told me to take pity on this little canine.  She tricked me with that pitiable look! 

She’s barely two months old but after a day, she began showing a quick adjustment to her new surroundings.  As a puppy, she is still fed with milk and vitamins.  She is not yet allowed to roam outside our house as her vaccine is not yet complete.  

2016 will be a nice year for me to look forward to because of SAM’s company.  I always believe that pets can really relieve stress. Playing and taking care of them have a therapeutic effect on the health of their masters, too. 

It’s almost one week now since Sam came as the newest member of the family.  She is already trained to poo (defecate) in our toilet or comfort room.  She is not yet allowed to go outside so she has no choice but to go straight to our comfort room whenever she feels the need to do "it".  But sad to say, she still pees (urinates) inside the house wherever she thinks she can. 

Hoping you’ll give me some tips on how to deal with a dog like SAM.  By the way, she is a labrador.  I hope I will become a good master for her.

*dedicated to Bala from India

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  • SAM is very cute and as you said it will relieve your stress for sure.

  • Nice to see you with your nee friend SAM. I hope SAM will be your most lovable pet after your parents.
  • Kuya Robbie.... you are giving me a hard task!  Sam is very shy like her master, hehehe!  I think I will have to think it over a million times.

    Thanks a lot for the good advice.  I will remember what you said.  

  • Oh my! I thought you're a cat person, Ate Anele. Sam looks adorable! Labs grow so fast and they are very playful. Always make sure all vaccines are updated especially anti-rabies, pneumo (for lungs), and 5 in 1 booster which includes Leptospira to protect people who mingle and touch her. 

    Anyway, since you're now a pet owner, you're the next perfect contender to join our video challenge. C'mon, don't be shy! :)

    See you around,


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  • Thank you very much Gopal.  Bless your family always!

  • Nice to see you with your new friend SAM..Even me and my son are very good lovers of Pets that to Dogs.  I read somewhere that the children and the family who grow with pets will have great immunity...Enjoy your new year with your new friend at the same time keep in touch with your good old friends!!

  • Lynne, you made me cry with your labrador's story.  I don't want to think about the day when it's time for SAM to leave me.  It's really disheartening to think.  His picture (oh my, poor Shadow) surely brings sadness to your heart, I know.  

    Labradors really look pitiable.  Sam got vaccinated yesterday.  She did not resist or struggle when the needle was push through her skin.  Very tamed indeed. It's not so hard to love this dog.  Even the one who doesn't like animals will surely become close to this dog.

    Thank you so much for the tips, Lynne.  Yes, you are right, she is now on the stage where she bites everything she holds.  Surely, I'll follow your advice.  

  • Hello Anna,

    Your labrador looks so kind. I'd advise you to just continue being kind and nice to her. Make her understand that you are the master and she is your pet.  

    On his teething months be prepared with big teething bones for him to chew on or you will find her chewing woods, rubbers, slippers and even your shoes... They are retrievers so they are good in catching low flying insects and sometimes small birds that come near them. I have seen my dog caught some.

    Below is a pic of my labrador. His name is Shadow. He died in September 2010 when I was out of the country.

    Dogs are very special creatures. As a pet whether you give them plenty of attention or less, you'll find them still loyal to you in the end. I love my labrador so much and was so heartbroken when I lost him. This picture was taken a few days before my departure day. Up to this time, he still has a special place in my heart. 


    (I am not sure if you are moderating your blog but if you do please just delete the other comment(s) I posted before this.)

  • OMG.. What a compliment!  I felt like melting, haha!

    Thank you so much for your nice words, Eva.  You are also hypnotized by SAM's pitiable look.  She got her complete vaccination today.  Her doctor said she might get fever so she was not allowed to take a bath for 5 days.  Imagine, 5 days, iwww!  She will be smelly then, gosh!

  • By the way, Sara.  I wish one day that Sam and I could pose for a picture like that.  You gave me a nice idea!

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