Writing Challenge - Mistakes I Used To Make

This blog hasn't corrected, it’s full of mistakes. I didn't want it to be viewed or checked by any native speaker, as I usually do. Because I think it would be quite charming to be posted with mistakes. ‘’Blog fits with the title’’

In this blog, I want to talk about the mistakes that I used to make throughout my learning.
As far as I am concerned the learner isn't impeccable from making errors, therefore everyone can make mistakes and even in his/her native language. That could be in grammar, spelling, pronunciation and structure of the sentence.
At first sight, I’d like to say I like making mistakes on account of that I believe I learnt lots of things from them. I have to admit that all the mistakes which I committed in the past, I am not making them anymore. In fact, it’s not a big deal and there is no mistake about it! No? I would rather say it will merely help you to reach your goal, for that reason, don’t be shy or sorry when you make them.
Furthermore, I know that it usually drives you abashed and sad but, when you find yourself writing the same word correctly next time, you will feel the progress. And this is the most important thing. Finally, to make headway you may make mistakes.

Here are my mistakes:

1- I used to misspell some words, maybe because I can’t remember their spelling such as: ‘’which‘’, ‘’witch‘’ and ‘’wish‘’, ‘’buy‘’ and ‘’bye‘

2- I've got confused many time with words, which I don’t know if I should add the ‘’E‘’ in the end or no such as:‘’before‘’, ‘’people‘’,‘’make‘’, ‘’take‘’‘’cook‘’‘’stop‘’ and ‘’both‘’.

3- I used to confuse between French and English words:

‘’exercice‘’ / ‘’Exercise‘’
‘’exemple'‘ / ‘’example‘’, ‘’Formel‘’ / ‘’formal‘’

- What should I use ‘’ sh ‘’ or ‘’ ch ‘’ ?? like Frensh -> French (I started to make this mistake only two days back, when commenting Bala’s blog. I have made it with my friend ‘’ native speaker’’after a couple of hours. He laughed at me!!) 

‘’I think that French is helping me to (increase) make mistakes in English, it is jealous because I forgot it since I started to learn English ‘’

4- I still check some words about if I should double the ‘’L‘’ or no such as: ‘’personally‘’, ’’especially‘’, ‘’totally‘’, ‘’merely‘’, ‘’hardly‘’, ’’easily’’ ‘’correctly’’ ... and so forth ... really long list!! 
I still check the spelling of each word before I spell it (If I am not sure)

5- I have not been in save to fall into the famous mistake that almost learners make it: yeah, which letter comes first the ‘’I‘’ or the ‘’E‘’? the spelling of ‘’believe’’; well, here comes the rule ‘’the ‘’I‘’ before the ‘’E‘’. It should be ’’believe‘’ not ‘’beleive’’ Just it doesn't work with all words I guess !? Such as ‘’receive‘’, No?

6- ‘’Preposition‘’, I am still making mistakes with them, asking the question: which preposition should I use in this sentence? 

7- ‘’Pronunciation‘’, I mispronounce the word ‘’obese‘’, ‘’decease(s)‘’ in plural, house(s) in plural, ‘’chased‘’, ‘’dining‘’ (I think I am pronouncing them correctly now) I can learn the pronunciation easily!

8- ‘’Grammar‘’, yes it's obvious. There are many rules!! And many tenses!! 

9- Here are some mistakes that I have noticed them from some people in main, just want to point them out: well, there is a difference between those words.

a) Practice (n) / Practise (v)

b) Lose (n) / Loose (v)

c) Advice (n) / Advise (v)

d) Effect (n) / Affect (v)
e) Compliment (n) / Complement (v)
f) You / Your / You’re (you are) ....

- I’d like to share some anecdotes about mistakes with you:

The first one

- I used to enroll in a private school to study English. In the exam of level ten, there was a question about writing a dialogue using a sentence ‘’single or return’’. In the conversation I made, I started with this greeting ‘’Hello there‘’ the person said to the receptionist.

- There is no need to mention my teacher’s reaction or feeling, guess it yourself!!
Here I learnt that I should be careful when I am writing!! And should be careful when I am talking to people whom I don’t know, I mean we should talk in a formal way. Thank God, I didn't make it verbally!! 

- Another mistake I have made on my paper is: I wrote ‘’Ms‘’ without giving name, and this is wrong. The teacher told me if you don’t want to give a name in your writing use ‘’Madam’’ or ‘’Sir’’. ‘’Ms‘’ or ‘’Mr‘’ should followed by a name such as ‘’Ms Emie‘’ or ‘’Mr Dean‘’.

The second one:

A friend of mine (from Afghanistan) told me this story. It happened with him when he was studying. A student (his friend) wrote on the paper of the exam ‘’ Please deer teacher help me in this exam and give me a good mark because … ‘’. 

The teacher become sad and said I am not a deer ... OK!? You shouldn't say ... and ... Sound funny, No?
I think everyone gets what the student meant; he wrote deer instead of dear.

Dear learners don’t give up, don’t be shy when making mistakes and always remember, if you want to make your headway, don’t fear your mistakes, especially learn from them.

Photo Credit - Lana Douglas

Please guys, don’t pull the wool over my eyes and be straight from the shoulder. What do you think about my mistakes, aren't they silly?

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  • Thank you dear Setare, I really appreciate your comment. And I won't give up :)

  • asmaaa,,nice blog as usual

    yes they are common mistakes of learners but what is worth is that you keep trying and move towards success,,the key is:(NEVER GIVE UP)

  • Dear Lamlom,

    Thanks for your great comment !! that's so kind of you ;)

  • Thank you very much dear Mohamed, you are most welcome. I really appreciate your comment. By the way, you have used the greeting '' Hi there '' correctly ... !! Good job ;)

  • Dear Expector Smith,

    Thanks a lot, your help was greatly appreciated. :)

  • Dear  Fahim,
    Thank you dear for your thoughtfulness :)

  •           Hello Dear Mitran,

       I so greatly appreciate your response. Yes you are right we should take remarks with a grain of salt. And as you said we are learners, it’s obvious to make mistakes though.

    Thanks again :)


          Dear Modaway,

    Thanks for the commends & compliments, It was so awesome of you.

  •  dear Bala,
    Thanks for your nice comment, happy to know that you liked it!!

  • Hello dear S.Selvakumar,

    I was delighted to receive your note, and was especially pleased to read your kind words
    Honestly, I don’t know how many rules are there in English. But, I believe that each language has a bundle of rules (grammar, spelling, conjugation, pronounciation and so on)
    Your greatly approbations are appreciated :)

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