Hello everyone!

It's been a while we don't try to write or participate writing challenge. I got an idea of this topic as I read a news on EnglishClub and combined with Rose's post.

Read the news, it takes no more than 5 minutes to read: https://www.englishclub.com/efl/listen-learn/the-causes-and-effects-of-climate-change/

Read the Discussion/essay questions. There are two questions.

And this is Rose's blog: https://www.myenglishclub.com/blogs/try-to-do-or-try-doing

Observe the use of 'try to do' and 'try doing'.

OK. The task is simple. Write your answers of the essay questions in one or two short paragraps. Include the grammatical rule of using 'try to do' and 'try doing'.
I will add special question on it: Do you change a certain habit/routine due to this climate change?

Here is my part:


To use less energy, I try turning off the computer while I am washing my clothes, cooking, or doing something else. The temperature is so hot here, 32 degrees Celcius with real feel 40 degrees Celcius on daylight. That is why I can't turn off air cooler in my room. At least I don't use Air Conditioner but I'm not sure of not using it in the near future. :D Public transportation is not really good here, so I use motorcycle. At least I try not filling the road. :D Of course I eat meat less. Do any of you dare to have much cholesterol in the body? lol But wait...! What does the meat do to the climate change? [wondering...] According to me, another thing to fight climate change is planting trees or at least any plants in our small garden, even a pot will do. The plants will help reduce the melting ice. How about you? What have you tried to fight climate change?
Do you change a certain habit due to this climate change? Yes, I turn on air cooler while sleeping. Before climate change, I didn't like using any cooler or fan while sleeping.


You are welcome to spot my mistake.
Thank you and have a good day! :)

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  • What a great topic! And because of that this will be my first ever writing challenge I participate. :-D I'll try to write tomorrow something. 


    • Not AClue....

      Please, please..... :D I'm looking forward to reading it.

      Thank you so much. ^

    • Damn, I'm quite unreliable these days. XD Okay, okay... after work... :-D

    • Hey, Onee, here I am a bit late with my take on this. First off, I need to say the climate change wasn't the trigger for me to change habits, but my love towards nature. And if the climate change wouldn't have started yet I would still try to avoid things that destroy our nature and planet.

      I grew up in a family with very rigid rules. My parents were, although they didn't need to be, very thrifty. I was taught in my childhood to be extremely frugal in using any kind of electricity/gas. Back in the days we had already energy-saving light-bulbs in all lamps. Which provided in those days only some lousy kind of lighting. That made me really feel depressed all the time. Nowadays we have better light-bulbs. We only had a minimum of lighting. Reading at night wasn't allowed either. Heating was also rarely used. When I moved into my first apartment my guests always complained about the cold. Although, I turned on the heating for my guests they still complained. XD

      I'm actually a bit more generous with energy today, and I've learned to use the heating. Air conditioning isn't necessary in Germany. It's healthier to live without it. Only in hospitals it's actually needed, and for sick old people... AC is very bad for people with allergies btw, and people get much more colds because of AC. Of course we only have max 35°C for a 3-4 weeks a year in Germany... if a heat wave hits the country... otherwise it's far lower!! ;)

      The very first thing I changed was using cloth bags instead of plastic bags when I started to buy the groceries myself. (Paper bags aren't so good either, because manufacture is much more resource-intensive, and they can't be reused.) I have always one in my purse, so even if I need to buy something unexpected I have always a bag. Doesn't matter where and what I buy, I always say 'No, thanks' to plastic bags.

      I power my apartment with 100% renewable energy (wind/sun). Which is a bit more expensive, but I'm single, and don't use much energy. I don't have a TV, and my computer is only on when I use it. I usually don't eat meat or other animal source foods, except sometimes when I'm sick. But I do this because I love animals, and not because of the climate change.
      Global warming is progressing faster because of two reasons in this area: 1. the emissions directly from livestock. Especially methane and nitrous oxide from cattle farming. 2. Meat consumption contributes to the deforestation of primeval forests, and the destruction of ecosystems due to the high demand for soy as feed (especially for poultry and pigs), which also leads to increased emissions of greenhouse gases. That's the reason why eating less meat helps to fight the climate change.

      Now my black spots. I do have a car! I try to avoid driving it, but usually once in a week I use it. Since I live almost in the woods, and have 15° gradient on the hill where I live I almost never use my bicycle. I tried carpooling for some time, but wasn't successful. Public transportation is an option at day time... but I'm an owl, and visit my friends usually in the evening, and then I have to drive home at night. Sooo, shame on me. :-P

      I was for a very long time an active Greenpeace volunteer, and was often in the streets trying to inform people about the consequences of our modern life style. With another group we were providing vegan food samples at Christmas markets, and we tried to introduce people to this kind of food.


    • Oh My God!

      This is a long blog in a comment. And a marvellous action.

      Honestly, I feel shame that I still use plastic bags recently. A little good news is there are some plants produces biogradable plastic bags now.

      Hmm, I hope to hear other opinion about it. If you don't mind, can you post it as a blog, please? ^^^^^^^

      I still have a long comment on your contribution. An owl do have time, right? ^^

      Smiles a lot,


    • Oh, nooo... no, no, no, I'm not a blog person. XD
      You know, we introverts don't like to get in touch with (too much of) the outerworld, I'm happy in the comment section. :-D


  • Hi, Onee.

    Good idea to use my blog as the basis for a challenge.

    I have to confess, I doubt that my following sentences will follow the rules I wrote in my post. LOL. Writing and applying grammar rules are two different pairs of shoes.

    But as we say: err is human ... I hope that someone from the native speakers will correct all of our mistakes here.

    Here is my contribution

    Pollution and climate change, often have the same causes.
    If you want to try to avoid polluting the environment, you can try avoiding waste. Have you tried finding a grocery where you can buy unwrapped food and goods?
    Try bringing with you some food containers from home where the seller can put in the groceries.
    Try also to avoid pollution by using cloth bags or a basket instead of plastic bags to carry home the groceries.

    Often, people don't care and throw the package on the street after eating the content. Haven't they ever tried using a litter bin?

    I try to buy fewer clothes and shoes because the production of it uses resources and energy.
    What about to try combining or modifying existing clothes and spicing them up with accessories? That's creative and saves resources and money.


    • Dear Rose,

      Thank you for your conttribution. :)

      Yes, we will appreciate Native speakers correction. However, we can't wait to learn a lot from each other, can we?. If you don't mind, I have made my version from your contribution. I hope it's not because we have difference in grading efforts. lol


      If you want to prevent environmental pollution, try to avoid waste. Have you tried to find a grocery where you can buy unwrapped food and goods? Try bringing some food containers from home where the seller can put in the groceries. Try also using cloth bags or a basket instead of plastic bags to carry home the groceries.

      Often, people don't care and throw packages of food on the street after eating the content. Haven't they ever tried using a litter bin?

      I try buying fewer clothes and shoes because the production of it uses resources and energy. What about trying to combine or modify existing clothes and spice them up with accessories? That's creative and saves resources and money.

    • First off all, thanks for reading and commenting on my contribution, dear Onee.

      Try to do and trying doing....sometimes both forms are possible with slightly different meaning.

      Look at this both similar sentences:

      1.I try to avoid pollution by making not too much waste.

      2.My progress in avoiding pollution is weak so I try making less waste.

      In the sentence 1, I am speaking about an effort to avoid pullotion. So I use to say I try to avoid...

      In the sentence 2, I making an experiment to see if it helps to solve the problem. So I say try making less waste.

      Did you get the slight difference, and could you try to read and correct my writing by considering my last comment, please. My English is not perfect but I try to improve it by reading and listening to books. I think I should try speaking much more to improve my English skills.


    • Hello Rose,

      Yes, I understand the difference. I was just not sure about the action of 'avoiding waste'. Now I remember that sometimes both are possible with slightly different meanings.

      I would say,

      "If you want to prevent environmental pollution, try avoiding waste."

      And to be honest, I would remove 'try' in the last sentence.

      "What about combining or modifying existing clothes and spicing them up with accessories?" 

      'What about' itself shows suggestion or giving an idea, always followed by gerund.

      Many thanks for your contribution. It's great that you wrote many examples of 'try to do' and 'try doing' with explanation.

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