Writing Challenge: Invent a Word (suddencognition)

suddencognition ∣noun∣/sʌdnkɔg’niʃən/

You use this word to describe a case: when you suddenly realize something after you have tried to get it for a long time. For example, you've learned English since you were little, but not until recently did you begin to know how to use English 'tenses' correctly. Another example: when you suddenly realized what life you really need to live. 

Example sentence: It's wonderful to have the feeling of suddencognition

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  • @Afro

    Sorry to hear of that. Too often, however, we don't feel like writing - you're not alone in feeling that way. 

    Get some sleep - unwind! Good luck.

  • I have no suddencognition right  now. I am dumb and numb due to over work!

  • @Tara

    Yes, 'light-bulb moment' is what I wanted to express. And,  thanks for sharing the 'index finger' thing - interesting! 

    How about 'take a tumble'? I assume it may mean the same thing. Thanks again!


    Thanks a lot!

  • Very intersting word and easy to remember. Well done.:D
  • Excellent! I love your word. We sometimes call this a "light-bulb moment". 

    In English, when a person has suddencognition, he may point his index finger in the air and say, "Oh, I know!" 

  • Thanks to Onee, Vision, Adaline, Luci, Elen

    Yes, you all got it. Maybe you could use such expressions as 'sudden insight', 'sudden enlightenment', 'suddenly dawned on me',  'epiphany' or 'satori'. I forgot an idiom which means the same. 

    I'm not sure if there really is a word which means exactly what I'm trying to express, so I came up with this word 'suddencognition'. The word root is 'cognis' (= know). 

  • Nice word Expector Smith! I don't have it in my language.

    She watched a theater, and after some years of studying economy, she had the suddengognition that she wanted to become an actress.

  • Expectorr... is it originally chinese word or you invented it? I m just curious :) Thinking about myself now, let me add that after so many years on this planet I came to suddencognition that I cared too much what others think about me and changed my attitude..
  • Dear Expector, It's a lovely invention of a new word. Thanks for sharing.

    My sentence with your new word:

    I suddencognized driving from last week!

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