Writing Challenge: #Gardening Goals (My Messy Garden)

Do you like pretty things? How about a scenic view in the comfort of your own home? Who doesn’t like nature- the plants, trees, as well as its fresh scent they bring to our surrounding?

One of my goals for 2017 is to improve my garden. I’d like to be a green finger again. For the past years I’ve neglected it and wasn’t able to have a concrete plan on how to make the plants grow prolifically. I usually planted them everywhere without the idea if the soil and space were good enough for the plants to grow and nurture.

There are times that I was impatient to remove those filthy snails and slugs that lurking in my backyard. In addition, little birds and grasshoppers always stole the fruits and ate the entire plants even before they reached maturity. They were thorns in my side (problems that keep annoying you).

It’s funny that I’ve decided to write this blog as a reminder to myself, that there’s still hope even though there were super typhoons which hit and damaged my garden in the past years. Every day is a new beginning, isn’t it? I ought to believe in myself that there’s a possibility to make this garden bloom again. Better yet, to bring back its vibrancy.

How about those aphids? They like to pretend cute stardust, but they’re pests. I hope I would be able to manage them patiently as long as I allot more time to eliminate them completely. I should really learn to nip them in the bud before they strike again. Gardening goals, remember?

To make these goals working however, I started making compost and recycling food scraps. It’s one way of doing my fair share to the environment. Ideally, it’s an inexpensive way of making natural fertilizers! Gardening should be fun, right? Not a shake in the leaf (to feel anxious or nervous). There are times weeding wasn’t enjoyable so as cleaning the whole backyard. But I realized it’s a part of gardening and a cheap form of exercise. It helps our minds to clear things off from the stress brought by the negative news.

Now, I should get back to my garden before this blog becomes a lengthy one. Besides, I should really get my hands dirty to make my goals work. I hope this idea will come up roses (to be successful or positive in something) before another year ends. Wish me luck!

How about you? What are the common dilemmas you’ve encountered during gardening? Kindly join this challenge and share what your garden looks like along with the tips and tricks about managing it wisely. Looking forward to seeing your participation to this month’s writing challenge.

Happy gardening!

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  • Hello, Mary!

    Those are great tips! I heard too that ashes are good source of fertilizers to plants. It's nice to hear you have your own garden at home. Your small rose bush sounds interesting! By the way, here's a video on how to simply remove those unwanted aphids in our garden.

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks. I appreciate it!


    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Lavender!

    You're quite right! We have to be alert every single day or even night to prevent those critters and creepy crawlies from eating all those plants and its fruits. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic!

    Happy gardening!

    Robbie :)

  • Very nice blog with some new vocabulary and expressions for me! Thanks! :) 
    I like "green fingers" and I didn't know the word "aphids" either (I used to say just 'plant's bugs' haha) 

    I totally agree with what you said about that gardening "helps our minds to clear things off from the stress." or just to "relax your mind"; it helps me a lot to get that... And it's really nice to look through the window and see leaves and flowers instead of the view of an ordinary street or a concrete wall (in case you're living in a city, as it's my case)

    About your question in the blog, the only problem I had were some few slugs and aphids in my small rose bush. I got rid of the aphids with a natural solution I made with nettles. It's just like a 'juice' made of nettles + water, it's really effective for all kind of aphids and eco-friendly :)

    For slugs and snails well, I prefer not to kill them but make them not to get close if i can; so I make use of another natural remedy for this, very easy, that's just to spread some ashes around the plants. They hate that smell so it makes them run away! :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing and I hope to see all the improvements you make in your garden during the year! ^_^

  • Your situations are the same as mine .
    Birds and squirrels eat fruits on the trees before I can pick . I have to be faster than them and keep watching my fruits :) Snails can eat up the whole vegetables for a night . Snakes come and stay . Bees sting .
  • Hello, Eva!

    Thank you for your encouragement! I'm so very glad we're on the same page about nature and its beauty. You're absolutely correct, gardening requires dedication and time in order to bear its rewards and satisfaction both for the gardener and his or her garden.

    I'll try to blog the outcome of my gardening goals as well as updates. But for the meantime, I'll keep on enjoying digging and learning this activity. I can't wait the bees and butterflies visit me hi hi...

    Wishing you a marvelous 2017!

    Robbie :)

  • Hello, Setareh!

    You're lucky to have a husband who is keen in managing the garden effectively. It must have been a great feeling for your family to see the fruit of his dedication to the jasmine plant and fig tree. I'm pleased to know how this blog was useful for you.

    Thank you for your wish! Have a great weekend!


    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Seeker!

    Thank you for being a part of my writing challenge. I'm glad you found this blog useful. Wishing you a fantastic weekend!


    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Onee!

    Thank you for your wish! I'll try best to be more patient in dealing with those critters and creepy crawlies.

    Have a terrific weekend!

    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Adaline!

    I'm pleased to see your garden and your thoughts about it. You wrote beautifully and the photos are amazing! I was inspired by your post and it would remind me to be optimistic, that I could make my garden fabulous in the future. :) 

    Thank you for sharing your tips and for taking the challenge up!


    Robbie :)

  • Hello, Risty!

    Thank you for being the first one to comment here. You're right, that is a papaya tree, some banana plants and in the front one is my five-year old lanzones tree. You might also notice some weeds that photobombed my garden hi hi. They're really pain in the neck, but expert gardeners said that I could use them as fertilizers if I pluck and store them correctly in my compost. 

    Oh, so you're from Bulacan! I love the accent there and Bulakenyos are very friendly and hospitable. I bet you're one of them. :) By the way, I had a memorable swim in the Norzagaray River many years ago.

    As for the snails, well, I love crashing them with my bamboo stick. Shh, don't tell anyone hi hi. Kidding aside, I don't know what to do with them. They keep coming back (in numbers) even if I threw them away. They said to be poisonous so I opt not to touch them. Here's one of them, meet Cheeky Snaily. She loves to mess up my garden!


    I hope we'll be able to see your garden in the future. Feel free to share it here whenever there's the opportunity.

    Thanks again, 

    Robbie :)

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