Writing Challenge : Freezing, Awful, Frail

We three- a friend of mine, a local guide, and I - were now deep in the hilly area, following animal tracks. Two hours back, we left our hotel in the morning. Awful pleasing sceneries were caught on to our eyes in the path. Far from madding crowd, hoist of unknown plants cast a spell on us. keeping aside twigs and branches of trees with our hands, we were heading for farther deep areas and having eyeful of sights as far as we could. Suddenly, Our guide caught sight of something. I followed his eye line. A cow was grassing in a slope of a hill.
My friend shouted, 'Hey, look! There is a cow!" Our guide became restless. A few seconds later, it was discovered that our guide had vanished somewhere. I tried to have a close view of the animal and felt like a freezing cold rolling on my spine. It was a Gayal - a kind of wild cow which is very rare, almost extinct species now! What an awesome scenery it is! The Gayal disappeared after a few moments.

Our guide returned 10 minutes later, he was exhausted. He told us that he was looking for some buddies around here. If he had some of them then he might have tried to get the Gayal and could have earned a lot by selling it. But we were far more remote quarters.

After two and half hour, we returned our hotel with frail bodies. We were done up with the journey but pregnant with satisfaction.


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  • Good job, Silas. Interesting choice of words. The use of words with the opposite meaning (awfully pleasing)  to create a stylistic effect shows that you have a good knowledge of literature. As well as good quality to involve the reader and make your scenery picturesque that one can imagine each detail around you.

    Thanks for sharing. 

    • O.M, Your awfully entertaining and worming words will always keep me pushing forward to do something awful :-D deed for the betterment of the world even the in freezing  Siberian cold weather and will boast my energy whenever it comes to frail state.

      Thanking by

      Silas Marner,  Raveloe

      • Lol.

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  • Hello Silas,

    I love the way you write the story, you created the scene interestingly. I'm interested with the words you chose in telling the story as well. Cool! 8)

    A nice story! Thanks a lot for your participation. :)

    • Thank you Onee-chan

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