I would invite you all to visit India and take a tour on our Palace on wheels (Special Train) in Rajasthan. I am very much sure you would love it.  There is need to share this with you in detail.

Initially, I may request you to book a seat in Palace on Wheels through Indian Railways online which would cost you around one lac INR. 

Then, the Palace on wheels should take you to a long tour around the entire Rajasthan state covering Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner &  Jaisalmer. I am not certain you might have heard about it but you can browse about it through google.  

You will get VIP rooms & continental food, saloons, dining hall, party room, get-together room, continental chefs and kitchen, wonderful bath tubs inside it. You would get plenty of servants serving you all time !  They would obey all your orders  !  I can bet you will find it  incredible!   You would profoundly enjoy sightseeing Rajasthan through Palace on Wheels. During your visit, the train ought to stop at different places and cities & move on until you back viewing it. While on tour, I must suggest you to enjoy eating our Indian dishes and buy Rajasthani traditional clothes for you.  You are always most welcome to explore India ! 

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  • Nice blog promoting Indian Tourism!
  • thanks expector smith

  • Good job! Palace on wheels sounds like fun - thanks for sharing. 

    You could try to replace some of the "would" with "would like" or "will", for example, "I would invite you..." -->"I would like to invite you...".

    Also, you might like to work on these two sentences: 1. "There is need to share this with you in detail."; 2. "must suggest you to enjoy eating...". English tips: You say "I need to do something", not "there is need to do something". You can suggest someone doing something, not "to do something".

    Hope you can get it!

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