Writing Challenge: Avoid Using Very

Hello everyone! :)

Here comes a new writing challenge. Inspired by the post "Avoid Using Very" by Andy, I would like to write a short paragraph using some words. Here I use three words. Anyone can join this challenge by writing a short paragraph and using at least three words from that list. Write it as a blog post!


Example of short paragraph, my entry

Never have I stayed in such a freezing place. I used to wear blanket even in the warmer place. How would I survive now? Double or tripple blankets? The tips of my toes and fingers are almost stiff. My body is trembling. I cannot think of anything. I'm in awful condition. I'm frail now. I won't care even if you bring me delicious sweet cake, or otherwise you jeer me. I only wish you turn off the Air Conditioner, please. :p



Thank you for reading.

Now your turn! :)

  • NB: I'm a teacher of English. Even so, I'm weak at using certain words and phrasal verbs. I'm not perfect in grammar as well. So, I'm also a learner of English and corrections are always welcome. :)


Freezing = very cold

Awful = very bad

Frail = very weak

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    1. Delighted to see you!
    • Hello Bet,

      Everything is fine here. I hope you too. Have a great weekend! ^_^

  • i will accept the challenge  Onee.. hehehe


    • Fizzy,

      Cool!! 8)

      Can't wait to see there. Thanks.  )

  •  A good piece of writing. 

    • Thank you, Mishaikh. Don't you want to write something about love by avoiding using very? :)))

    • I will give it a try, but later, these days I am stuck.

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