Writing Challenge - Advice From Garbage

I am GARBAGE and I hope, you guys will enjoy calling me like this :-D Here are my useful tips I just summed up few hours ago in the stinky dustbin I occupy!

1. Don´t mix me with other waste

I like being seperated, I am individualist and honestly I dislike being mixed with other waste. I am aware of the fact that you - human beings are lazy and seperating might be consider time taking, therefore I would like to recommend you to invest your money in purchasing recycle bins. One for me - garbage, second one for my jealous brother - trash.

2. Don´t throw me away on the streets

Dear people, you all have smart brains in your heads, so try to use them and don´t be selfish and careless. When it comes to throwing me away on the streets, I feel so sad about it. I don´t want to find myself on the streets, I don´t want to make them messy, better let me rest in peace - in the DUSTBINS !!!

3. Don´t store me for a long time at home

I dislike being stored in the households for a long time. I can become awful stinker and you know that to visit somebody and smell me around isn´t anything one would feel comfortable with. So my another advice is – don´t store me for a long time, I need to get out of your house. Do believe me that I don´t want to invite visitors like rats and other cute animals to your house !

4. Don´t keep me in the residential areas

I don´t want to occupy the cities, I don´t want to float the rivers. Try to make some space for me out of the city or the village. I love places like dumps, on the other hand I know it isn´t any breath taking view to see me and my brother trash in the nature, though. Howerver, it is more acceptable than to find myself somewhere in the residential areas.

5. Don´t ever dare to touch me

In the case you remembered there may be something interesting in your rubbish bin and you want to find it, keep on your mind that some parts of me might get rotten or even moldy! If you don´t use gloves, if you don´t watch out meanwhile touching me, you might get some infection or dissease! Don´t understestimate this and please don´t touch me because sincerely, I hate being touched by human beings hands !!!

6. Don´t forget to educate your kids

Teach your kids basic important facts about me, which I have just mentioned above. In the end parents are those who are role models for their kids. For instance show them that to throw me away on the street is not good idea at all. Such way of raising the kids could help us to make our life better, to make our environment cleaner.

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  • Thank you very much garbage, for the ideal presentation about the non-proper treatment of you by the humans

    Very Good Luci

  • Expector,

    now I got it, thank you :-) sooo.. don´t you dare say that my English is good :-D

  • @Luci

    Good question! You could say "Don't you dare touch me", which may sound like a question, but actually means you're warning or telling them not to do something. You could also say "Don't touch me" instead. And, don't confuse it with another expression "how dare you". 

  • Dear book, thanx for your comment m glad you liked it :-)

    Indila.. loool are you serious? that´s awesome :-D thanx!

  • Elen, 

    yes I do agree with you, here we got some special begs sponsored by city to seperate waste. Anyway, another situation is in some developing countries and overpopulated countries.

    Ajay, thank you :-)

    Expector, thank you and you are right, we should focus on changing our attitude! Thanx for your corrections! Btw - don´t you dare - I don´t know why but I consider it more like question. What should I say if I want to WARN sb not to do STH? 

    Mr. Bob,

    thanx for your comment but what about pollution? People here try to burn garbage too and it is pretty smelly sometimes in the villages and lately there is new law against burning plastics etc. 

    GKSA, thanx for your comment and I hope we are able to keep the environment one day clean so that we wouldn´t die among the garbage and trash !!!

  • Noas, thanx for adding this saying, I didn´t know it :-p btw your friend Garbage is thankful to you for liking it :-)

    Tara, thank you so much, I will leave comment on your wall.

    Mishaikh, well the third world should start thinking about it because in my opinion it is about ATTITUDE!!! If people have no clue what hygiene etc is, then we can´t expect from them to keep the clean environment.. 

    Anah, you better be careful else I will explode in your room :-D thanx

  • Like It !!!! Go Garbage!!

  • superb....you demonstrated us in a very good way ..thanks... dear garbage .

  • In my university we have different bins for different kinds of waste. A bin of green color represents that it is meant for collecting biodegradable waste materials while blue color is for non biodegradable.
  • Dear Luci, the massage you passed here is helping to care our environment in a well manner, but unless we get a proper solution on pollution, then we will be a part of GARBAGE. 

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