Writing Challenge: A few lines about New MyEC

          I always enjoy expressing my thoughts since the commencement of my academic career. After enrolment in the University for Master Degree, I was required to write thesis. While researching relevant topics to my assignment, I came across two words “English Club”. The word “club” gives me different imagination regarding this site. I mean English with entertainment; I got a chance to visit there to see what this site is about. I found many useful links videos, blog posts etc. So, I decided to sign up for it, while signing up, I was asked to answer three questions. One of them is English Club is NOT a dating site. I am joining because I want to learn OR teach English that boosted my confidence in this site as before this, I heard many negative news and information about communication on internet. I still abide by this agreement and wish to keep MYEC pure from such level.

          At the beginning, adding comments in blogs and discussion seems bit difficult, but was proven very fruitful practice. I also suggest new members to start practice by adding comments in blogs and discussions as much as possible. I wrote some funny blogs to see how much people get and react to my sense of homour. It was also wonderful experiment. I tied to write as simple as possible, so as to make it easier for beginners and elementary members to get my ideas without any hindrances.  Having opinions and thoughts from people across the world on the blogs and discussion has such a great pleasure, which I can’t express due to having inadequate words.  

         Recently MYEC has been updated with very interesting features that make MYEC eye-catcher and removing some options of which members are seen complaining, but to me these chances don’t affect my infatuation at all. I have learned so much from this site and members. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t find any learning site better than MYEC.  For I am indebted to dear Josef Essberger for creating such a great site.  As for updated EC, the more you use it, the more you find treasures hidden this sea of knowledge. the more you wonder. 

         I feel pound to be member of this charismatic site.


Long live MYEC! ;D

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  • It's nice to see an old friend still an active blogger in this wonderful site. I loved my EC and his members. I have joined EC since 2010. There were many changes that happened in my country since then. The unanticipated course of events in my place pushed me away from EC, but I am still in love with this wonderful site. It is the first place for my first English post.

    Thank you Arif.  

    • Old Is Gold! :) welcome back to this site!

      I know you since I signed up for this wonderful site and enjoyed reading your thought provoking blogs. 

      I am glad to see you back after a long break. I wish peace may prevail in your country once again!.but I don't know as to why I am losing my passion for learing English. In this days I spend most time reading Urdu literature. Thank for passing your valuable thoughts on my blog.


  • i agree with your opinion to express yourself

    • Thank Averiani Benedita for your support and agreement

  • Thank dear Josef for appreciation that means to me so much. Thankfully the blog post is within ambit of writing challenge's principles ;). As a matter of fact, while writing this blog, I became bit emotional. So,I little bring it out ;)

    Thank you again sir for the explanation on my behalf

  • Thank you, Sir. I got it. :))

  • @Onee
    Well, it's tricky.

    "a few" is a small number: May I ask a few questions?
    "few" emphasizes how small the number is: Few people dared to challenge Stalin.

    So actually, the numbers could be the same. It just depends on your viewpoint and what you want to emphasize. (It's relative, not absolute.) In Arif's case "A few lines about New MyEC" is perfect.

  • Mr. Josef,

    Well, I always found something on English fora. lol.

    Yes, I remember that 'few' is a very few, correct? Thank you for pointing out, Sir. :)

  • Ok, dear brother. ^^ I got it. :))

  • @Onee
    Not sure where you get 26 lol. On my monitor Arif's "few lines" are 28 hahaha. Probably on the phone they'd by 100. So I consult my trusty dictionary: a few = a small number of. I think we can agree that that 3 or 26 or 28 or 100 is a small number compared to the number of lines in War & Peace. But then Russia is such a big country, their books must be very, very long ;) And perhaps the most important word in the title of this discussion is "A". For we all know there is a world of difference between "a few" and "few"!

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