For Writing Challenge #5 let's learn more about each other by looking out our windows. Choose the closest window to your computer and describe what you see in 100-150 words.

My WindowI'm looking through my dining room window, which is on the main floor of the house. My backyard is scattered with plastic sand toys that we forgot to store away before winter. The shovels and pails and balls have been buried under the snow for months and they've lost their colourful shine. There are at least ten new branches poking out of a peeling tree stump. We used to call the tree "Twigee" but then it grew so large we had to cut it down because the roots were creeping up to the house. If I stare long enough, I know I will see two black squirrels chasing each other playfully up and down my neighbour's fence. I am happy to see so many signs of spring.Now it's your turn. What's outside your window?*Come back as often as you'd like and describe a scene outside a different window! When the challenge is over I'll invite you to visit again and tell us which window you liked best."If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade." Tom Peters
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  • Tara, members here keep adding more comments to your blogs and I do find it's really a challenge for the learners to write such stories. I was wondering if it's the time for you to give more instructions to them for them to learn more writing skills while writing/reading comments/stories. Say, the paragraph coherence, tips for writing scene-describing things, and so on--we should not just focus on whether they're telling a true story or an imagined one and shouln't just point out the small typos. Hope they can write even better in their coming comments/stories.
  • Thank you for the latest window stories! I love to find new ones. If you have already written a window description, please write another one from another window!

    Dhiyah-I can't believe you can see flamingo birds and monkeys out your window. I must visit your page and find out which country your window is in!
  • I'm looking through my working room window in SAIPA AZIN CO. (we manufature the seats of cars) In front of my window there is a parking of new cars that manufactures during two days ago. The workers are going throught the parking and send cars to shopping (the place that sell cars). Also there is alot of tree that they are going green and show the spring is comming. I'm very happy and hopefull everybody be happy too.
  • It is a morning day. I open the window, which is on the second floor of my house. I am taking a breath of fresh air while looking through the window. The breeze blowing through it slowly. A bit of sun light make some fade slant lines silhouette on the floor.
    I see my garden down there. It covered up by green grass. There is a palm tree in the corner of it. Some short plants with blooming flowers and some dew on them, growing under it. A small grasshopper alight on.
    There are also two medium stones in the middle of the garden. They were placed as decoration by a gardener.
    Next to the garden, my car parking there. My dog who is standing near of it, barking some kids who are making a lot of noise in front of my house. The kids ignoring it, they just keep walking, passing through my house.
    On the left of the car there are some untidy boxes. I putted them yesterday and going to neat them later :)
  • Im looking through my kitchin window and there is a small garden outside, some thym, basal, lemon tree and a mazing odur of some flower, I couldnt describe the smell because it mixes with winter smell which is over the describtion,and there is a cat with her babies hide in a small cartoon box, she is trying to protect her babies from the cold,it is an incredible sight, I will put some milk for her and her babies , there is nothing to say after this sight, just stay and watch.
  • Outside my study window is our garden, where most of the snow has melted away now. It seems that winter is struggling to stay longer, but spring's already in sight. My pet dog is fighting the waving grass and chasing the little bird in the corner of the snow-scattered garden. And my next door neighbor Susan is just lying in her armchair, enjoying the Sunday morning sun shine and totally unaware what's happening in our shared garden.
  • I’m looking through my room’s balcony which is on the second floor of the house. My balcony is a very relax place since the house is in a townhouse. We have a small table with chairs and some vases of flowers which I love to look at and care of every day… Through my window I can see a big tree with huge branchs that almost reach my balcony and the others windows of the house. In this tree we have some babies’ bird’s friends they’ve bear last season and now they are flying around looking for food. We have feed them everyday and they already know what time we use to set theirs meals for all day.
    So, through my window I can enjoy to see my little friends, my beautiful flowers and my neighbors passing by some time to say hello.
  • Hi Tara!
    I am looking through a window in my sitting room, looking out of it i see another house that is used by a school as hostel for secondary school students! I find this odd! The lights are still on in a room i suspect to be the junior boys room, everywhere is calm and quiet but if it were to be an earlier time i would hear so much chatter, singing arguements from the children in the hostel. These kids talk about a whole lot of things sing all manner of songs, stay up till late, long after thier lights out and still manage to wake up by 5am the next day. During the day its all quite till about 4pm weekdays when they come back from school. I also see our fence that needs repainting, and an old Vboot mescedez car that has been packed up for over 6 months or more. Cant see any other thing! its 1am!
  • The window in the sitting room is wide. The peach colored long drapes that hang loosely at the window make the color of the room so sweet and mellow caused by the morning sunlight passing through it. The curtain on one side is tied just good enough for me to see the road parallel to the window. At the corner of the window, I could get a partial view of the small street perpendicular to it. Right in front of the window is a small garden with assorted flowers surrounding it. On the right side of the garden situates a small curved stair that leads to a small terrace in front of the house. Across the road stands a lovely, moderately, sizeable house that looks immaculately clean that keeps a garden so neatly and beautifully nurtured.
  • I have a laptop but I've liked to work in the living room because it’s the biggest room of my apartment .My apartment is right in downtown and it’s on the fourth floor. I like to look through my window. There is a street and an apartment in front of my window. I can see the trees and the night lights on the both side of street. Trees are without leaves now but I can see the buds there. The spring’s spirit is everywhere. It’s flying in the air and saying: “Open your window, I’m here and I’ve brought with me snowdrops and violets from mountains”. It’s perfectly! But the important view I’ve kept for the end: I can see the church and its dome. I can’t do without this window!
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