For Writing Challenge #5 let's learn more about each other by looking out our windows. Choose the closest window to your computer and describe what you see in 100-150 words.

My WindowI'm looking through my dining room window, which is on the main floor of the house. My backyard is scattered with plastic sand toys that we forgot to store away before winter. The shovels and pails and balls have been buried under the snow for months and they've lost their colourful shine. There are at least ten new branches poking out of a peeling tree stump. We used to call the tree "Twigee" but then it grew so large we had to cut it down because the roots were creeping up to the house. If I stare long enough, I know I will see two black squirrels chasing each other playfully up and down my neighbour's fence. I am happy to see so many signs of spring.Now it's your turn. What's outside your window?*Come back as often as you'd like and describe a scene outside a different window! When the challenge is over I'll invite you to visit again and tell us which window you liked best."If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade." Tom Peters
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  • Yes! Thanks deuce.
  • Multitask means that somebody does more than one task at the same time and multipurpose means that something has more than one purpose or function and can be used for different purposes.
  • Great description @Kumar!

    Bonus Challenge: Do you know the difference between multipurpose and multitask?
  • In addition to the last comment (how my view has changed)...that curtain that hung in the window of the picture above is now a pillow cover for a throw pillow that sits on my rocking chair. I learned how to sew this weekend! Funny how life changes...

  • I have a new window! When I look out I see the chalkboard that my husband nailed to the fence for me. We found the chalkboard at a thrift shop. It was exactly what I was looking for and I knew in my soul that we'd find it there. I wanted a place to share my favourite quotes with my neighbours and visitors. Today's quote is actually from the Hannah Montana movie (don't laugh-my kids love her). "Life is a climb, but the view is great." Beneath the chalkboard is my new butterfly bush. It has purple flowers and is supposed to attract butterflies. In between the butterfly bush and another new bush I have placed the circular stones that we made with our handprints. Each member of my family made one and we put our ages on them. Mine says "Mama 35". I love my new window. Has your view changed?
  • My computer is set up in my bedroom, so that I can switch it on in the morning after waking up.

    My bedroom's window opens on the street. What a good thing that my house is rather far from the road!

    Every time I look out of the window, I think I love my street! It's treed by lime trees smelling sweet when they are in blossom...

    On the opposite side of the street, I can see a big building and some of its inhabitants - young, old, sad, cheerful, beautiful and not very much...

    A lot of pedestrians are invariably walking along my street- sometimes,especially in summer, it's a real fashion show!
  • Hi Rar,

    Thanks for the description. This is one of my favourite challenges and I am glad that we still have writers visiting. I think you mean "when I look straight through the window" and "so I'm very thankful for my window".
    Please join our other challenges!
  • I see the tree When i through my little window . A road is infront my window and that road is always dusty and crowded.Sometime i close the window. A monistery can be see when i look strightly through the window . But the sun is not touch my window.Fortunately,a beautiful little girl is beside of my i'm very thank to my window.

    I'm sorry for my comment if something is wrong ,you can sent me the mistake.
  • Thanks for stopping by, Linda.
    I see a new view out my window. A brief hail storm (no longer than 5 minutes) destroyed many trees around my neighbourhood on the weekend. Branches are everywhere and green leaves have blanketed the lawns, as if they think its fall. A small boy is looking through the metal fence calling out to my sleepy son to join him in a game of cars. Beside our mini trampoline is a freebie we found on the street last week--a child sized basketball hoop.
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