Writing Challenge #4: "What Am I?"

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In this writing challenge you will write a puzzle. The puzzle question is "What am I?" or "Who am I?".Instructions:1. In the comment section guess the answer to my puzzle or another writer's puzzle. (Make sure to put the name of the writer in your guess. Example: Tara-Is it a potato?)2. Write your own puzzle in the comment section. Each puzzle must have 5 sentences. Each sentence is a hint. Make it as "tricky" as possible.3. When the challenge is over I will invite everyone to come back and provide the correct answers. Throughout the challenge I will note a few writing corrections here.Writing CorrectionsHere are some writing corrections from the comment sections. Keep in mind that communication (not perfection) is the most important thing. Some mistakes are probably typos, but other readers can also learn from them. (My corrections come second in the line.):I am not longer what I am=I am nolonger what I amTell if I'm right=Tell me if I'm right.Is that a faith=Is that faith?I'm just busy for something=I'm just busy working on something. OR I'm just busy with something. OR I'm just working on something.I try to guess your puzzle again that's a "succes" =I tried to guess your puzzle correctly this time.And now I am headache it , you said so easy ,but not for me .=And now I'm getting a headache from it...I don't want give up=I don't want to give up.I'm exeptional ,because I'm contain gold.=I'm exceptional because I contain gold.I give you a hint.=I'll give you a hint.It's an exeptional fruit and very testy!!!=It's an exceptional fruit and very tasty. (Does anyone know what testy means? This typo made me laugh.)I must wait to your right answer=I must wait for the correct answer.--Have fun! (Here are some examples to help.)Tara's puzzle:1. I have many siblings.2. I am very colourful and beautiful.3. People like to compare me to an onion.4. I am Russian, but some say I came from Japan.5. Open me up and have some fun.What am I?
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  • I'm glad this writing challenge has a second life! Okay, here's a new puzzle for you.

    I hold liquid life.
    I cool down quickly if you're not paying attention to me.
    You should fill me less frequently as your day goes on.
    Get a version of me with a lid for your car.
    Have some style. Don't settle for an ugly white one of me!

    What am I?
  • Yes Zahra, you are right.
  • oh Bui ,I just saw your comment ...you are also right ...thanks for the reply ...
  • @Deuce666
    Is that dew ?
  • Yes ,Tara ...your guess is true ...That's a tree with many arms ,its branches,and many feet ,its root through which it absorbs water and minerals ...

    PS-Thanks for the correction ...arms ...yeah ...
  • Zahra...I'm thinking. Yes, a tree makes sense. I'd call them arms, not hands, though.Is it a tree? Tell us!
  • May be my "a tree", I am not sure:D. May need some time to thing, Thank about your Question.
  • I have lots of hands ...new ,old ,faraway and at hand ...
    I have many many feet ;there beneath your feet where you stand ...not too strong to walk on ,but strong enough to stand on ...some are long and some not that long ...
    I drink through my feet ...can you guess what am I ,it ...if no need for another hint?!

    PS-Dear Tara ,thanks for your interesting game ...
  • ^^ Hi.
  • I have four legs, Two front leg is small, therefore I run by two after leg.
    I move by hop .
    I Have a big bag in front.
    I am really lovely, who am I?
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