Writing Challenge #2: A Chain Story

Thank you to everyone who took the first writing challenge! Your mini introductions were great. I hope that many of you will add introductions to your own "My Page".Here is another writing activity we can do together. This is something I used to do with my writing students. They loved it! It's called "Chain Stories". I'll write the first line. Whoever reads this blog first can write the second line in the comment section. The next person can write the third line...The story will continue in the comment section until I write THE END.WARNING: These stories are often filled with nonsense. That's okay. We just want to laugh and practise our writing skills. Please keep it clean. If the story gets lost I may write a sentence to get it back on track.Rules:Write only one sentence in your comment. You can come back later and write a second sentence. Contribute to the chain story as often as you want. To read the story as it develops you'll have to read the comments in reverse order.Teacher Corrections:The writing was excellent. It's amazing that learners from so many different levels wrote this story! Here are a few corrections and notes. Some small errors may actually be "typos" but other learners can still learn from the corrections. The correction is in italics:1) he didn't know how he can to start it.he didn't know how to begin OR he didn't know how to get started2) So,the hippopotamus to learn english online.So, the hippopotamus decided to learn online.3) ,so we should get the chance to learning by Englishclub.com.so we should get the chance to learn at EnglishClub.com4) learning a language is no that easy.learning a language is not that easy5)therefore he turned on his computer and search in internet.therefore he turned on his computer and searched the Internet.6)in the middle of junglein the middle of the jungleIt may be helpful to review the rules about articles (a, the, an) and infinitives (to+ base verb) vs "ing".Here is the first line of the story. Now it's your turn.Once upon a time there was a hippopotamus that wanted to learn English.(This story is now complete. Please join us in the next Writing Challenge soon.)
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  • Finally , he was successfull to be member in english club and then he read webpage with the help of mouse but he did not understand well but he tried , at that time he found that " Writing Challenge " change story and then he tried to enter and write .
  • And then , his teacher said that , pls join englishclub to become member , but he is afraid to hold mouse with short tail but he tried to hold that mouse .
  • It looks like someone wants to start a new story here...

    While Hippo was waiting for his internet connection to come back on, he made himself some popcorn.
  • Interesting way to improve writing! Looking forward to seeing your next 'writing challenge'! I sure would take part in--actually could hardly wait to write my one sentence again. Hopefully I could write a perfect one to the 'chain story'.
    I saw all the corrections. I wonder if you could post a blog just focusing on the common mistakes learners are likely to make--that could be more helpful! Maybe we could contribute to the blog often, by adding comments!
  • Great teaching technique! I have been using it with my students too. they call it making a snowball story.
  • Wow, I am so impressed! That was a great story. I had to end it because Nutt's last comment seemed like a great way to finish the story. I hope you will all enjoy learning English here again. I will post Writing Challenge #3 soon. To review a few writing corrections from this story look at the blog post under the heading "Corrections". I will be posting a few notes there.
  • THE END!
  • In this respect, The hippopotamus thought about taking things seriously and asked its friends to join him and start practicing regularly because acquiring a language is no that easy.
  • When Hippo saw the ad about WIN The prize for Best MyPage, he was more interested in using EnglishClub.Com.
  • But find it hard to look for a good teacher.
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