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Writing Challenge #18: Top Ten Lists


Did you know that the most popular blog posts often contain lists? Top ten lists are very popular. For some reason our eyes are attracted to headings and bold text. Numbered headings are easy to follow. Even if you don't have time to read the whole post, you can get the gist.

If you want people to read your blogs, it is a good idea to include lists. These can be bulleted or numbered lists. For this month's writing challenge you are going to create a Top Ten List on any topic! Within your list you can create useful links to related pages on the Internet that your readers might enjoy. (Read "How to add a link" if you don't know how to do this.)

get the gist=understand the main pointsYour Task1. Choose a topic that interests you (people, places, things, travel, movies, books, pets etc..)2. Create a Top Ten List in your own words. (Please do not copy a list from the Internet!) Name your list: Writing Challenge #18: Top Ten ... (your topic)3. Write at least one sentence beside each numbered entry. This sentence should describe the reason why this entry deserves to be in your list. Provide some fun links for your readers.4. Come back to this blog and share a link to your Top Ten List.5. Visit other Top Ten Lists on MyEC and leave comments for the bloggers!My ExampleTop Ten Things I want to Do before I Die1. Become a published novelist. I spent many years writing a novel. My agent is currently looking for a publisher. It is a difficult waiting game. In the meantime, I have to keep writing.2. Spoil my grandchildren. My kids are still young, but I am already thinking about how much fun it will be to be a Grandma!3. Go to a Writer's Retreat in New Mexico. I've heard New Mexico is a great place for writers to find inspiration.4. Live in a yellow house with a red door. My dream house is yellow and it has a large front south-facing deck. It's near a beautiful beach and it has a red door. Don't you love beautifully painted doors?5. Volunteer with children. I love reading to children. It scares me to think that my own kids won't always be into picture books. When they are grown up I hope to read to kids as a volunteer. I always thought I'd work in a library, but perhaps it won't be a job.6. Have a host student in my home. I enjoy the company of English learners so much. One day I hope to have a spare room in my home so that I can provide a homestay for English learners. Maybe it will be my yellow house with the red door.7. Record one of my favourite books. I love listening to audio books, don't you? Sometimes when I'm reading silently I get the overwhelming urge to start reading out loud! Right now I'm reading "A Recipe for Bees" and I would love to record it. I would also love to record "Kingfisher Days" by Susan Coyne. Perhaps this is an occupation in my future.8. Learn to salsa. When my kids were babies I would put them in my BabyBjorn (front carrier) and dance around to salsa music for exercise. I would love to learn how to salsa properly! This is my favourite song to salsa to.9. Take a holiday with my two best girl friends. We've talked about going to Italy for our 40th birthday year, but we may be wrapped up with children and careers when that number rolls along. Even if we have to wait until we're 100 it will be fun!10. Open a bookstore/writing studio/cafe. Well, I don't know if this will ever go beyond a dream, but I'd love to at least live near one of these even if I don't own it.It's your turn now! Go open a new blog and start your list.
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