Writing Challenge: a Short Funny Story

Hi, everyone! My funny contest has been over and, as a result, we have got 6 winning mistakes you found to be the funniest. Here they are together with my explanations:

  1. Having held the books for so long she felt her arms become numb and she dropped them on the floor. This sentence means that a woman dropped her ARMS on the floor because they had got (were getting) numb. What a horror!
  2. I have a shoe in one leg and another leg is bare.” It means that some woman has more than two legs. Besides she wears ONE shoe IN A LEG! It is unbelievable!
  3. He is sleeping on the coach.” A COACH is a person who trains sportsmen or other people. As a matter of fact, a coach can be a male or a female! LOL!
  4. I need to rest my brain.” It means that someone doesn’t need his brain at all and has decided to bury it somewhere!
  5. There were crowds of turkeys on the table.” According to this sentence, the turkeys were alive crowding on the table.
  6. Please, excuse a stupid unconscious woman.” I wonder if I have to add any explanations! A woman was unconscious writing it! Hahaha!


Is it possible not to laugh reading such great expressions? You know I wrote many nightmare stories based on such mistakes and now I propose you to join me and to write short funny stories reflecting your personal perception of what was said by our winners!

So, what you should do is to write short funny stories based on one, a few or all the given expressions. You don’t have to use the full given sentences in your text but the plots of your stories should reflect the ideas presented by their authors. Please, don’t plagiarize from my nightmares. I am expecting to read something original and to enrich my collection with new fantastic mistakes I will be able to make fun of in my next blog! Hahaha!

Please, title your blogs “Danny’s writing challenge” and leave the links to your stories here. I believe we will have a lot of fun together!

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  • I will be nice AVATAR, Teacher. :D :D

  • Teacher Dan,

    Here is mine. http://www.myenglishclub.com/profiles/blogs/danny-s-writing-challen...

    I hope you like it. ^_^

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  • Here is the link...http://www.myenglishclub.com/profiles/blogs/danny-s-writing-challen...

    Danny's writing challenge ( A funny story!)
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  •  I need sometime to write!

  • Hi, everyone! I am happy you like my idea of having fun together! 

    Dear Onee! I like this picture, too and am thinking about using it as my avatar from now on! LOL! Hope to read your story soon!

    Dear Dara! I will be happy if you join us on this challenge!

  • Hello Mr. Danny, she made a joke. It was very funny. I will add my share later. I just came from our weekend. By the way, our weekdays start on Sunday.

  • Hi Danny! This time it is so funny challenge! Here is my story!


    Danny's Writing Challenge: Short Funny Story "The Woman From Another Planet"
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  • Danny, finally I got time to write something - ehm.. hope little bit funny, so here you are:


    Danny's Writing Challenge: a Short Funny Story
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  • :D Teacher Dan, I like that one in the picture.....

    I'll try to participate.... ^^
  • Hahaha, Danny, I know, it is a pleasure for you to point out our mistakes.

    This time you even want us to use those mistakes in a story.

    Here you go:  http://www.myenglishclub.com/profiles/blogs/danny-s-writing-challen...

    Danny's Writing Challenge: a Short Funny Story.. by using mistakes of us members...pointed out by D…
    Please, don't correct the mistakes in this my writing, they are wanted because they are a part of Danny's challenge. And here is my story, I hope yo…
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