Writing challenge : My Father

A father, someone who has a big part of every people's life. Will leave memory that won't fade, love that will leave a trace, stories to tell, yes many stories... many stories...As an Asian, mostly in our culture, a father has a big part for his children. So do my father, he always thinking about his family, so much...A little about my father. He is a choleric-sanguine, very typical. He's so funny, my Mom sometimes almost pees her pants because of my Dad. He's bad tampered yet easily forget about it. He loves to watch boxing, circus, politics, and Mr. Bean. He's so religious, He gave most of his time for this. And especially, He is a hardworker. He's a conservative chinese, so you can imagine how he works. He was a poor children, he worked cleaning the church after school to get extra money to live. His father didn't really take care of him, with 13 children, man, he was even as the bread wienner in all his youth.He said to me, "I was grown without a father who really taking care and thinking about me, now, everything I do is to prepare for your future, that's my responsibility. I always wander, if God has been so gracious to me, and it's not because of me, but for you."Lately he's telling me, "only one more task, is to watch you to get married". (Oh man, that takes time. That's not even my top 5 list right now).He wasn't my favourite. Well, just like people say, as you grow older, you will understand more about your parent, and I've passed that phase. Sometimes, I enjoy to converse with him. Especially when he gives the crystalized of live, years of experience in a just few words, A wisdom that we can't find everywhere and we can't get forever. That's something I'm sure going to miss from him.Being a father is not easy. I promise, later, I will be my best.He is always a blessing in my life. I'm sure he will finish his 'journey' in this world with pride. What else does a Dad want than his children proud and love him. Yes, we are.
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  • so nice!

  • I couldn't agree more that a father plays a lot of responsibilities in providing the needs to his family. In my country, children usually treat their fathers with respect and dignity. As part of close family ties, when a father becomes quite old, he'd remain in the custody of his own family rather than spend his time in the home for the elderly.

    Your father has been through a lot of difficulties when he was young (just like my dad), and it's very understandable that he became a hardworking guy. I bet that's a reason why he wanted you to be a responsible son and instill to your mind the value of his hard work and perseverance so you could have a better life. :)

    Since I saw a correction tag here, I hope you won't mind if I spot some errors on this post.

    How about this one: He was a poor children.

    Hint: The use of singular nouns

  • Amazing. I love how you described your father..

    He seems like a great man hope u will take after his steps.

    Thanks for sharing.

  •         My friend, be sure that, this night my below will be wetted by my tears because of your emotional topic. Your topic brought me the fainted memories about my father, may God bless his soul. I Don't have a clear memories of him because, he passed away when I was 5 years old. But I can confirm that; he was unique at his days.

          finally my friend, lucky you to have a father wraps you in his love and keeps your heart warm at every time you call him dad.   Yes......he always a blessing in your life. God bless you both.    

  • My father is Sanguine-Choleric. Our fathers should get along with each other if they meet with each others and they could be best friends.

  • What a nice blog about your father.

  • I loved reading this tribute to your father. The introduction is a beautiful start to our Father's Day collection! Your father sounds like a very interesting man! 

    Re corrections: 
    "As an Asian, mostly in our culture, a father has a big part for his children." [How about "plays a big role in the lives of his children" or something like that?]

    "He's bad tampered yet easily forget about it." [Can you spot a typo here?]

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