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Blogging is related to the main aspect of English learning which is writing. We must know that writing proficiency is necessary too like speaking fluency. Many of us do not like to write something daily. They might have their own reasons.

In my opinion, every English learner should write something daily. Writing habit has several benefits. There are various ways of writing practice; blogging is one of them. A question may be asked that why we should write a blog.

First of all, if we write a blog, we give others a chance to read that blog. They may be teachers, advanced users, or learners as well. We gain confidence when we get a positive comment, and we know about our weak points when we get a negative one.

We must remember that speaking needs a listener and writing needs a reader. Writing is both a natural skill and an earned skill. It can be developed by consistent practice.  Blogs are ideal for writing practice. 

Sometimes we are afraid to write something because of negative comments, but negative comments are necessary for a learning process. Do we want to stay with our weak points ever? If not, leave this fear and start writing.

Best of luck!

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  • Hello Dixit.

    OK. Thank you for your suggestion.

    Keep writing. ))

  • As for my experience,  blogger is not afraid of negative comment but destructive comments :) which spoil the theme of blog. To me negative  comments is to add someting blogger misses out in his blog or to draw the attention to other side pf picture. 

    • "To me, negative comments are to add something blogger misses out in his blog or to draw the attention to the other side of the picture. "


      I welcome these comments! :)



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