Am back after long long time, and i found big change in this website. I am really really happy to see this kind of modification in website. It is good to see this updation. It will take time to used to this version of myEC ^_^

"I wellcome change as long as nothing is altered or different than before."

I really missed all myEC friends, i could not come here for response and participation because I was busy. I hope, all myEC friends are fine and doind well in their life. Best Wishes for you My friends.

May You all Have Happy and successful  life..Ameen




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  • Tumhari merbani Elf Noor, kiya karega! Essberger ka kam. Mr. Josef is always doing a good job. I am glad you have seen the change on our website. Welcome back, Elf.

  • Yes, it is true. I haven't updated my blog for ages. Today I decided to continute writing my jouney in order to keep practising and sharping my writing skill. Yes, there is totally different from before, and it is pretty cool. :)

  • Thank you @Mishaikh sir. 

    I always feel honor to have your comment, which encourages me to write more,learn more, participate more and active more in this website. ^-^ 


  • Welcome back @Elf. It is always pleasing to see an old friend.

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