worries about pronunciation: f&v sounds' case

I've decided to improve my pronunciation with help of teachers from italki, my favorite source of finding teachers :) 

And this morning I had a class about f a v sounds in cases when they go together in one word, like in words five, favor, fervent, fever, flavor. And I should say, as always it was fantastic. 

Except learning of how to pronounce sounds correctly, on my opinion, it's important to don't forget about your manner or style, and, of course, the content of your speech. And I think that you shouldn't worry about mistakes of pronunciation in let's call it real speech because the only way of changing habits is to practice fervently when you practice, but when you start speaking in real life, just forgive yourself ahead for all future mistakes and for frivolity to pronounce without thinking much about correctness of pronunciation.

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  • agree with you , nice opinion


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