Hello everyone!

Sorry for making you wait for so long. Some things went awry and I had to take another picture.

So, please leave your captions for this picture in the comments:

I will choose the winner in a week, on Monday 25 of June.

I am sure, you will surprise me with the lots of creative captions!

Good luck! :P

All the captions at this moment:


1) The Umbrella Pride Parade

2) It's Raining Umbrellas

3) Rihanna looking for her umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh...


1) shaded with Beauty


1) Let's decorate the world!


1. The sky doesn't need only clouds...let add us colors.

2. When we miss the rainbow...we have a substitute.

3. Take our dreams with you around the world without borders.

EC member:

1. Walking Under the Rainbow


1. Say  'NO'  to the drab! 


1. Umbrellas wished to be rainbow.

2. Flying umbrellas.

3. Why the raindrops turned to umbrellas !! :o :o

4. Rainbow becomes rain :o

5. Butterfly-umbrellas.

Okay, the time has come! I have to choose the best caption. And this time my favorite captions are:

- Svitlana: Let's Decorate the World

- EC member: Walking Under the Rainbow

- Oporazita: Rainbow Becomes Rain :o

I would like to choose them all, but this time the winner is:

Let's Decorate the World!

Congratulations, Svitlana! You are the next host! :)

Thanks to all the participants! Have a good time!

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  • Of course, Roma

    It is our national saying. LOL 

  • Svitlana,

    Great! But do you know this saying? "Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do never!" :D:D:D:D:D

    Or "...what you can do after tomorrow!" 

  • Thank you so much, dear Ella


  • Why not, Roma?
    I am an Aries. My slogan is "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today". :)

  • Oh my! So fast! :)

  • Roma, I am on my way. :) 

    I will do it tonight. 

  • Thank you, dear Mary! :) 


  • Okay, Svitlana!

    Then we are waiting for your picture :)

  • Congrats Svit!! ^_^

  • Thank you, dear AG, for your congratulations!

    I will try to come with a next challenge as soon as possible :) 

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