Wordless Wednesday: End of July - 2013.

Hi dear visitor of this modest blog. If you're so kind, then be welcome to leave a nice comment, and give a title or description to this photo.

If not, then get lost already. If I can humbly say so. ^_^

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  • Hello everyone. Thank you for participating. ^_^

    Now a week have passed, and I need to chose the best title.

    I like the second title("My Last Puff Before I Hit the Road!"), that Gabriel Sowrian offered.

    I chose that one, because I really wish that that neighbor of mine would hit the road already. He's so annoying with his smoke. He is always smoking there on his balcony, below of me. I hardly can use mine, because his smoke comes up.. Can't even keep window open, when wind is from wrong side.

    I hate smell of smoke so much. I think the smell of poop could be more tolerable for me. So it would be nice, if he would drive to Russia to visit his friends or something..(He's Russian. He sometime goes to Russia for smth.)


  • This is freedom smoke and thinking under blue sky 

  • RIP = Reaching for the Indispensable Puff 

  • My last puff before I hit the road!

  • I don’t think my girlfriend could recognize from the hand that the man who’s smoking the cigarette is her boyfriend!

  • Close, but no cigar!

  • "dont shoot.. i surrender"

  • Thank you Nafis. Now you have the certificate of "so kind". ^_^

    PS. The certificate is a verbal certificate, don't try to print it out. :)

  • hehehehehe..OK....here is my description: "Let me smoke the last cigarette before I die!"

    ...now, it's time to get lost...hehehehehe 

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