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  • Great work !

  • Perfect symbiosis.

    • Indeed, Rose! A bunch of thanks for commenting! :)

  • Wow! 

    This is an amazing click. So professional. 

    Bee: Finally I found my lovely red carpet. :P

    ( I know it's not bright red :)) 

    • Hello, SNR!

      Thank you very much for your participation and for a lovely compliment. I used manual mode of my camera with F stop 11 and ISO 100. Aside from that, the weather was fine. I had to be patient and wait for the bee to settle on top of the flower before I took a shot. 

      Have an enjoyable week!


    • Hey Robbie! 

      Thank you so much for detailed information on how u clicked this amazing pic. :) 

      Waiting for the announcement of the winner :D

  •  Oi there, folks

    My caption to the picture is:

         Bumblebee:"Oi Lady, I spotted you!!


    • Thanks a lot for participating, Rysperski! That was an intelligent caption! Have a blessed week! 

  • Heyy... say 'cheese' Robbie's cam is looking at us

    • Ha ha! I was tempted to touch the bee but decided not to because it's terribly busy. And I might get stung. Thank you very much for your participation! :)

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