They say that we have to take the wisdom even from the mouths of mad ones. When we are wise we stay safe and with no problems at all. It is a good sense and a good judgment, too. The natural ability to understand things that most people cannot understand. If you fail to see the wisdom in doing something, you have to bear the consequences.

 Our story begins with the three animals but this time, instead of the donkey, we have the wolf. The fox is always smart and he knows how to free himself in difficult or critical situations. We cannot call him wise, but in his actions, we can find some wisdom.

The lion asked the wolf this question, "Who is the king in this jungle?"

The wolf replied quickly, "Of course, it is you, and I am your deputy. This fox here is our guard."  He looked at the fox by the side of his eyes disapprovingly.

The lion got so angry and hit the wolf with his left hand on his head until his brain came out. Then he turned to the fox and told him to answer who is the king in this jungle? 

The fox swallowed his slaver and began cautiously,

 "You are the king, my lord. The lioness is your deputy and I am your obedient servant."

The lion was very happy and he began, "it is very clever of you, but tell me, how did you manage that?"

The fox answered, "It was that flown brain of the idiot wolf."

Wisdom is very important in our life. I surely hope to gain more wisdom in the coming days. My father used to give me few words of wisdom. I forgot most of them. I hope you like wisdom, too. 


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  • Donnobad Asit Biswas. Tunme photo valo achin. Excuse my poor Bangla. I wanted to say that your profile photo is handsome. I guess the wolf had some arrogance. Thanks for your encouragement and nice comment on Wisdom.

  • Good morning mod. Paula. I apologize for my late reply. The two quotes are very appropriate for that story. We have a saying about it, too. (Your tongue is like your horse. If you take good care of it, it will protect you. If you are not careful with it, it will defame you). I really appreciate that intervention in Wisdom.

  • Hi,

    To me, being foxy isn't the symbol of wisdom. A cunning brain can always find a safe place to be hidden but wisdom is brave enough to enlighten the crowds and show a path for those who need it while taking the risk of losing the body because he knows well that thoughts live forever.

  • Agar main nahi deka? Kiya karega, Mishaikhsahib? This is our main problem. We do not see around us. As you mentioned,  plenty of signs here and there. The sun, and the moon. Look at night followed by day. If we see them, we can ponder and get wisdom from that. Thanks Mr.  Mishaikh for your comment on Wisdom.

  • Bilkul sahih Umeed! It is very wise to know from our old ones and from their previous experiences, too. Their good behavior to follow. No one likes bad behavior. Thanks Umeed for you comment on Wisdom.

  • Shin akhbarik ya Warada? Thanks Warda! You are the first member to comment on Wisdom.

  • A very very nice story.. 

  • To be too smart/intelligent/wise is also not good.

    And also sometimes wiser is that one, who act like an idiot.

  • Hi, dara. It's a interesting story. Yes, wisdom is important. This fox could understand what is wrong and revise his mistake soon. We must understand what is wrong and correct the mistake as soon as possible before it gets worse.

  • Hey dara  very nice story . Fox is very cunning and clever . Fox learnt from wolf mistakes and give his speech nicely so that lion can be pleased  to fox. So all should learn from mistakes and go ahead dara 

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