There lived a man with his son.

He always gave pieces of advice to his son " Son!  Be wise, respect elderly people, never pick something up which doesn't belong to you "

" Alright, father" Said his son. 

One day, on the way to the mosq for the morning prayer, He (The man)  lit his torch light and he saw some money around, he picked the money up and put it in his pocket. 

The young boy saw him but didn't say anything. 

Back home, the man told his son to go and lie down until the Sun rises,  the young boy agreed. 

But before he goes, he said "Dad, you told me to be wise, to respect elderly people and never pick something up that is not for me" and, he went on "you picked up money this morning that is not yours".

The man, not wanting to lose trust from his son, held his (the young boy) hand and went back till where he picked up the money, put it down and then said "Yes son,  never do that" 

Finally they went back home. 

This is a good example for  his children if one wants his children to act good. And be good responsible people in future. 

It's a sign of a good behaviour.

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Contes et Légendes (Malal Diallo)

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  • Hi Malal! Great story!!

    I wonder if how many parents can do this to their children. I hope we can teach good things like this to the next generation.

    Thank you for sharing

  • What a great history to open a New Year full of wishes in every field we could have. An English proverb or saying as you like to call it, tells in another way what you reported in your opening post: Actions speak louder than words.

    Eh, that's true: everyone of us, also the most wise person, sometimes loses its reason and becomes unreasoneable..... But if you are wise, few words are enough for you.....

    See you soon on EnglishClub!!

    • Thank you so much my dear 

  • Hello, Malal, thanks for sharing your blog. I think I've read that story here already, but what I like about it is the following: 

    1. People should only give advice, and/or give lectures that they themselves (normally) follow. Not only parents!
    2. That parents should be in general open to critical thinking and questions of their children. 

    Sadly this is an exception, parents/people often believe that they cannot learn from children, but these people just miss out on so many opportunities to grow... sad world. 

    • I absolutely agree with you. This is how the world is now. 

  • Comment allez vous Malal Jalloh? Bad behavior leads to unwise consequences. Malal, is it possible to be one of your friends?

    • Yes of course my dear ☺

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