They say that we have to take the wisdom even from the mouths of mad ones. When we are wise we stay safe and with no problems at all. It is a good sense and a good judgment, too. The natural ability to understand things that most people cannot understand. If you fail to see the wisdom in doing something, you have to bear the consequences.

 Our story begins with the three animals but this time, instead of the donkey, we have the wolf. The fox is always smart and he knows how to free himself in difficult or critical situations. We cannot call him wise, but in his actions, we can find some wisdom.

The lion asked the wolf this question, "Who is the king in this jungle?"

The wolf replied quickly, "Of course, it is you, and I am your deputy. This fox here is our guard."  He looked at the fox by the side of his eyes disapprovingly.

The lion got so angry and hit the wolf with his left hand on his head until his brain came out. Then he turned to the fox and told him to answer who is the king in this jungle? 

The fox swallowed his slaver and began cautiously,

 "You are the king, my lord. The lioness is your deputy and I am your obedient servant."

The lion was very happy and he began, "it is very clever of you, but tell me, how did you manage that?"

The fox answered, "It was that flown brain of the idiot wolf."

Wisdom is very important in our life. I surely hope to gain more wisdom in the coming days. My father used to give me few words of wisdom. I forgot most of them. I hope you like wisdom, too. 


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  • Vanakkam mod. Nadira! Absolutely true, the baby is doing hard to survive. As you mentioned, from our mistakes we learn and avoid repeating them in the future. From our eldest ones we gain or take wisdom. Nice intervention, mod. Nadira on that blog.   

  • Nasilsin Pepe! If I told you that I did not copy it from somewhere, I would be lying to you. Our whole life is an imitation of others. The story is well known from books at school. the combination of the ideas is my own composition, Pepe. Thanks for asking. I am still hoping to be one of your friends. Thanks for your comment on that blog. 

  • we are born with  no wisdome but  strong willed  and wanting  ourneeds .

    example  the baby she  or  he  will  brawl  croon  to get  its  way  as  it survival .

    when it  is able to focus  then  naturally it  will will observe yet it is  joyful sloppy   experience .  

    ITs  experience  and our  intellect  which mold  wisdom  ...

    I feel it is wise  always  to ask  the elders  their advice  in any thing  important ..

    We are  born t o make  mistakes  so we should  not  worry  much but  share  and  learn ...

  • Syah, saya lupa, silakhan, melihat Polygamy. Saya mau koment anda dengan nya. Correct, some people can be wise and strong. They are rare ones. Don't forget to give us your point of view about polygamy. Again, thanks for your comment on Wisdom.  

  • Saya setuju dengan anda, Syah Roni, tetapi saya tidak tahu mengapa? To combine those two is not that easy, is it Syah. Some people are wise and strong. Thanks for your comment on Wisdom.

  • but wisdom able people could be smart and strong
  • sometimes, smart and strong people are not wisdomable
  • Chemo Rysperski? Why the pessimism? Come on Rys. If you are wise, you can avoid plenty of risks and live happily ever after. Thanks for your comment on Wisdom.

  • Amoot fisilimanya ya Shoxan! Thanks for your nice words of Wisdom. 

  • Oi there, folks

       Wisdom???   Caramba, man...who is wise enough to debate about it...those who claim they r, means they r closely related to the asinus species. ;)

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