Will going to miss you :(

                              When I first met you, I never thought that we are going to be much close as now we are. I used to forget my worries, when I am starting to talk with you. When I didn’t get your reply, with in a second will the darkness around me .When you are upset, I will start to think myself as a most responsible person for you to convince. I know this relationship will not be so longer anymore, that’s why  I just want to stay away from you, but I don’t know,” how will I survive without talking with you?”, as far as I know, it is the most bitter situation that I am going to have. Why did you care me so much?

                          Why did you make me worried like that? Wish you to be happy always!

                                        Will miss you foreverL

 p.y.I: its just thought to write something. I don’t miss any one:p and I don’t like to miss any one too

 thank you for reading

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  • Lady Anne,I agree with u totally ,who are facing the situation that will make them to be a strong person.and at the same time ,they could have faced most terrible pain too.thanks for reading sis:)

    Enab nassif,thanks for the nice words:)

  • Seeker, yes i don't like to miss anyone cause it will be most tough situation to face any one in this short life.i saw many people who are facing this terrible pain that is why this thought made me to write this blog.and thanks for your comment :)

    maya,Lol I don't miss any one.seriously.well if i have any ,  i would not let her/him go from my life:)

    leonardo,thanks for wishes and valuable words,i am a sensitive person ,if i like any one I could not tolerate them missing :)

    nirmeen.Thanks for reading and gave a such a admiration

    Anna,sisi its just a thought to write something about missing,and absolutely correct true relationship can't crash anymore whatever the reason may they had.we should not think about the  breaking if the person is so much for us .and thanks for commenting on those nice words.

  • life is school and we learn lessons every day from it . I hope to take a lesson from this and be wise and strong in your feelings 

  • Who would ever think that he could be the reason for your tears in the future?  If you only knew this, you would have probably rejected him at day 1.  But then you have gone too far to realize that you wouldn't be able to turn back the time in order to prevent yourself from experiencing this pain.  What a total waste!  You could have spent those wasted time on something more productive.  

    But one thing is certain Femina.  If it happens to you, it will give you a great lesson and make you a strong person.  I am placing my bet on that.

  • hi fem. really you have a wide fiction ..... Nice blog

  • thats what im thinking too seeki :D common sis fem tell us nah...heheh!

  • maya sis nope,its not my real experience.i just thought.I wish you to  get relief from that if u r in the  same situation :)

    Dara gino,thanks bro for your encouraging words.

  • Pata nahi tum qu leka aisa. agar tumara pas admi hain, tum patao. Koi baat nahi, piar darur aur zindigi, Don't worry femina, if you have someone, you can make him close and more close. We need one another, it is something natural. Do thoughts come like that? Your thoughts were good dear Femina.

  • lol sis fem i thought it was your real experience...but you know what, this really happening over the net... and im proud to say that im one of them:D 

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