Why Is Red Rose as symbol of love?

When you wanna express your love and do not  have much courage to do so in front of your beloved one, just present him a red rose. If he takes it with smile and reciprocate the same sentiment, you are the lucky, provided that he must be familiar with this symbol of love. But the question swirls my mind as to why the red rose is connected to the love? 

However, to my best observation, The heart is the main organ of all the living things. It is made of blood and the blood is red colour. Therefore, when we have a look at red rose, our heart is vehemently  attracted and we feel a bit relief. But in our society the red rose presented by a girl to her belove makes strom in a tea cup. The colour of blood circulates in every living things is indiscriminately the same. Therefore, the love doesn't discriminate when it happens. 
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  • The rose, the symbol of love
    Like no other flower, the rose is a symbol of love. Therefore, there is no other flower that is so often given away on Valentine's Day, like the red rose.

    Especially in Western countries, the rose takes on great importance, much like the Lotus for the East. In Western cultures it stands for grace, beauty, rebirth, the thorns symbolize life and death. In antiquity, the rose even had a connection to Greek and Roman gods: the Greeks dedicated the rose to Aphrodite, while the Romans worshiped the rose Venus. Venus and Aphrodite symbolize both love and sexuality, but also beauty and philanthropy.

    However, the Romans also used roses for practical purposes: they made perfumes with the rose petals, used the plants as grave decorations and as a symbol of the resurrection. It looks similarly spiritual in Hinduism and Islam. Muslims associate the rose with the Prophet Muhammad and Hindus brought roses and rose oil to their deities.

    In the Middle Ages, the rose was a proven love means, and in Indian Tantra, the rose symbolizes the heart.

    • Sorry I don't realize your comment is in pending for response.  

      You have shared a good piece of knowledge. Thank for your thoughts I really love it :D 

  • Hi Rosemary :)
    Thank for the compliments. The point of the blog is red colour. In many countries, the bride wears red dress and it is very funny that the red colour is also the sign of danger. Have you noticed that the colour of link we share is also red which works to connect. The main function of love is to connect. However, when it comes to expressing love, it brings about trials and strivation. Thank again

  • Hello Mishaikh 

    Your further explanation has brightened my blog. It doesn't see the class, creed and cultural differences. 

  • Hello Persona,  expressing love is not burden. You feel lighted after expressing it to the right person. The silence gradually eats up you. Be brave or present rose 

  •   Red color and a red rose is the most know symbols of love relationship between a man and a woman  . Your explanation of the causes for these things to stand as a symbol for love is wonderful  . Let's  read more of your blogs  :) 

  • It may also transpire that 'love' does not discriminate between caste and creed, because everyone has the same color of blood.  

    Universally red rose be considered as symbol of love, but in my society the petals of roses are also spread on the graves of the love ones. (May be again to symbolize the love).

  • I think in your society women should be freed to express their love by presenting roses so that the burden on men could be shifted to the women class :)  

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