Why is it so hard to show love?

Dear all, 

I am so happy to be back home: EC. 

I've been away for several reasons but the main one is WORK. 

Ok, as you may know, I teach English in high school and nowadays I have been noticing something really uncomfortable among my teenage students. They think I am a bit "crazy" because I preach love, friendship , good manners and peace but it seems these words and actions are for "crazy people". They treat each other with too much hate, bad words, they hit one another and they say "that's normal and common"  They also claim that saying "I love you" is for stupid people, instead of using their names, they use bad and terrible nicknames, they use their social networking such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram to insult themselves, upload photos of other classmates without their permissions and so on. 

Now, this morning during my class, I was teaching them how to write love letters (in English) to friends and people they love and they refused to do that - at the beginning- because "that's for stupid people.... nobody loves ..love does not exist, teacher.." and I was like " seriously?" and they replied " Teacher, you're too naive.. we're not... teacher, wake up .. this is a horrible world " and I said "The world is not terrible, WE are terrible because we let bad things to penetrate our souls..."

So, it's not only among my students but people in general, couples don't see each other but Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter are more important, internet is more important... but.. real life... having physical contact , having some coffee together or a delicious meal is just in the past.... WHAT'S GOING ON?

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  • They are all teenagers. They first learn to hate from parents.  If there is love and mutual understanding between the couples so will crop in their off springs.  So it is essential to make the ground, apply the soil and then seed love.  You will see the flowers of love everywhere. Otherwise the result is before us.

  • Dear all, 

    Thank you so much for caring about my issue. And yes, it's not an easy task. It's hard to deal with such issues, however, I am looking forward to giving my students the tools to preach good manners and feelings instead of what it's been called "bullying". But imagine, even colleagues are evil with both students and our peers.

    I'm exhausted, honestly. =( 

  • Meaningful writing, and we should be careful about this sort of problem.

  • yup,people nowadays they giving important to virtual life rather than real life .you know what my neiher
  • It's all because people nowadays give more importance to the virtual world, instead of enjoying the real world people like to spend their time and energy on the internet.

    Well as long as I have seen people nowadays run away from responsibilities and commitments, like real life we have to deal with commitments and responsibilities but in the virtual world people can deceive each other easily no commitment is required for any virtual relationship.

    I guess this is the reason why some people don't understand and accept love or relationship in the real world and prefer cyber relationships.

  • As a teacher you've got a good effort to make them cool with teaching love, friendship,peace..etc.   And also we can teach them the way of loving, first to the nature, ethics and finally love. Then we can build up a disciplined society with them. Because they are the future of the world. You are a great teacher, Good luck. 

  • nice blog sis :)

  • What's going on?! It's real question... I totally agree with your opinion. I think sometimes, that all world is going crazy. Really...! Very many people, particularly teenagers are very often impatient, rude and brutal. and I think it's very big and serious problem for today, I will say that global problem, because they don't know what is love, what is respecting to other people.

  • I like your thoughts!

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