Why I am Bipolar and enjoy it

I have been bipolar since my son was 2nd elementary grade. First I was ashamed but I realized that I was lucky. Why? Many famous celebrities are bipolar survivor and also caregiver. It is not humiliating. It is a blessing in disguise. for more information you can send me a message if you want to help a friend who suffer from this manic depression phase like I have been struggling for whole of my life and destroy my career.

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  • Thanks I will

  • I admire your courage to open up and talk about your mental illness because , it isnt that easy topic to talk about . Your blog is full of positivety and acceptance to your health conditions and that means alot for people like you who will read your words . They will know that they aren't alone and your words will help for sure to reduce the stigma related to mental illness . I wish to see more of your blogs written about this topic here . It's our apportunity to light up about such a thing and get ride of all the stereotype related to it forever . I came from a family with mental illness issues my sister and brother are both bipolar and on medication so , I know that you are brave enough to talk about it . As a family we have suffered with them . However, my sister have reached the level of coping with her condition as you . As you have mentioned , many talented and distinguished people do suffer from mental illness . My sister is so smart and a talented painter .
    Have a nice day :)

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