Good evening, everyone. 

This is my blog #50. A small anniversary for me and my fingers. So I want to dedicate it to one question - "Why do you need courage"? 

Before we find the best answer on this question let's ask additional questions: 

- Do you need courage to fight for your freedom?

- Do you need courage to survive in a modern society?

- Do you need courage to have arguments about your salary with your boss?

- Do you need courage to wear a mini - skirt?

- Do you need courage to upload your photo in EC? 

I guess for the most questions you will answer "yes".

We need courage to defend our Motherland against terrorists and criminals. We need courage to defend our kids when they have problems at school. We need courage if we want to ask our boss to increase our salary or we need to pass through exams or an interview with HR-manager. 

We need courage if we want to sit on diet from Monday or decided to go swimming in mini-bikini while our body isn't ideal. 

We need courage to go traveling alone to dangerous or unknown countries and to do things we never done before. 

We need courage to be a unique person. 

But the answer that came up to my mind is a bit different. I think that we need courage for sincerity.  

...Sometimes to tell what you really think about it or what you really need... 

...Sometimes to tell that you hate his mama and you want to live in India...

...Sometimes to tell that actually you aren't satisfied with life together and you want to change it...

...Sometimes to tell your colleagues that next time you'll throw something into them if they don't stop spread rumors....

....Sometimes to tell other people that you have right to have different feelings and thoughts and they have right for being real for you in your own reality....

"Courage for sincerity" is what we already started losing with a wide spread of technology. We are stuck in the swamp of social actions and words that are directed into a place called "Everyone likes me". 

We still have courage for freedom and traveling, but why have we started losing courage for sincerity? 

Cheers, cap Bee 

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  •  Evangelina, thanks for your answers :)

  • Ehab Nassif, so do you have it?

  • Hello my friend HONEY_BEE

    I think every man needs to to have courage in this life because  some people became bad and it becomes hard to deal with them . 

  • I.m good by the way and how are you?:)

  • hi, Ednardo. Long time no see you here.

    Thanks for your answer.

  • Hello!!!!

    Courage huh? I think you have courage to write about courage and try incentivate others about have courage too.

    Your main question was: "Why do you need courage"? 

    My opinion could be obvious but, we need courage to do what we have afraid of.

    Do I have enough courage? Usually yes. Sometimes we need more. We need hope. Additionally to that, I use reason. For example, Do you have courage to bungee jumping? I do, but I use my reason… and prefer my normal life. Adrenaline? No thanks. So use your reason.

    How are you? I’m in a hurry time !!!

    See you

  • Mishaikh, this is your culture, for me it's a bit weird but it has the right to be in this world :)

  • The girl (especially in my society) is courageous when she comes forward to tell her father that a certain boy (whom she loves too)  has come forward to propose her..............................I would have been courageous to be 'that father' listening to her and reading her from her eyes!

  • AG, thanks for your feedback :)

  • When I read this blog. I had some ideas as @blessing stated below. For those who are claiming courage, I have not leant so many things from my dad. I only learnt this saying:
    "A only single cent of money requires a mountain of good planning and a mountain of intelligence"
    This saying was enough for me to go in this life.. And for all of thrilled ppl who are ready to accomplish whatever their courage dictates, I say the following: "A one single cent of courage requires a mountain of intelligence. So how intelligently are you going to plan to utilize ur courage!!!???"
    Thanks to @blessing for his comment and to @bee for raising this topic.
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