Why Do People Commit Suicide?

Why Do People Commit Suicide?

It's generally difficult to imagine what motivated a friend, family member to commit suicide. There may be no warning signs, and you may wonder what you might have missed. Often, there are many factors and reasons behind the scene leading to a decision to commit suicide.It is said that the most common one is that the person hassevere depression and drowning and choking it it. There is no way of unleashing and getting rid of those stressful emotions.To relieve that pain by talking to people is often not an option for them. They believe that the mere solution for the salvation is ending her/his own life:(

Commiting Suicide rates are pretty high in many countries no matter how their economic status are or whether they are developed , emerging or leas developed countries. When the pain knocks at the door, people unfortunately embrace it:( In accordance with World Health Organization, Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. and suicide occurs throughout the lifespan and is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds globally. It is damn difficult for me to imagine and contemplate that people often taking this into consideration and seeing this as a way of salvation are kids or teenagers at the spring of their lifetime:( Do you have any opinion for this situation?From my point of view, it is trully pity, pathetic and upsetting.

World Population Review website states in the research in 2019 that lithuania and Russia are the ones having high suicide rates. In addtion , you can see these rates in attached tables. The rate seems 7.3 in Turkey but it is still disturbing to see . 

To cut this long story short, what made me write on such a topic is that i met up a friend on a social book platform and we always had some discussion on books. A couple of days ago, this friend told me that she was going to delete her account on social platforms, since she had more important things to do. And Pittifuly, I heard that she commited suicide and died:(:((:(seeing her name in the list of passaway published by the province municipality broke my heart into pieces and made me feel extremely angry...

I believe that you have seen such people commiting suicide ,so let me know why they do such a tacktless, inconsiderate, reckless and brutal act..


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  • >why they do such a tacktless, inconsiderate, reckless and brutal act.. 

    Wow, you're pretty judgy. I don't think you're even interested in their feelings and reasons. And now I'm being judgy 'cause I can understand their doing, but not your prejudice.


    • And now, the judging dog is judging you all:


  • Hi Batu, 

    The causes may be different and many but I think depression is the key which leads a person to the door of suicidal death. 

    It's really difficult to overcome from a depression if remedial actions bit taken on time. Sometimes people surrounding the victim of depression can't even recognise that the person is depressed. This may continue for years n finally end up with suicide. :( 

    The probability of commiting suicide is high in a person who is emotionally fragile but still taking own life needs too much courage. 

    Can't even imagine what kind of emotion triggers this action :( definitely it's so pity. 


  • Almost of then got some cyclogical problems and that to not getting any helping hand 

  • Arif  the friend i know had the belief and conviction. What is weird , she was quite knowledable and sophisticated in such topics  and studied theology at university. still hard for me to believe

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  • I don't know whatever the conclusion people extracted in view of different cases but I am of the opinion that it happens due to lack of spirituality. Spirituality means peace of soul and mind as you have described by yourself that there is no any social and economical backwardness behind the suicide. Contentment, inner satisfaction, peaceful soul and mind keep o n e optimistic. 

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