Why are those blogs featured?

Yes, a blog mod or the admin may try to feature some of the blogs posted here every day.

You may have wondered why your blogs failed to be featured or why some of the blogs are featured!

A blog mod may tend to feature the blogs that are readable, interesting, with few or no grammar mistakes. Yes, you bet the blogs must be written by MyEC members themselves, not copied from the Internet or plagiarized. Featured blogs may not be related to English learning or teaching but there are some taboos (sex, curses, ads, etc).

You should refrain from writing blogs about politics or religion. You don't need to be a native English speaker, though it's true that so many blogs written by native speakers are featured.

It's up to the blog mods or the admin to choose the blogs to feature, though - it may sound unfair:)

I suggest you keep writing, even though none of your blogs is/are featured - the more you write, the better your English will be.

Keep blogging!

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  • @Josef

    Many thanks - your comment really made my day! I'll try to keep an eye on the blogs as best I can. 


    Yes, it's true that not all the featured blogs are interesting - I suggest you read some of them that sound like fun! Thank you for the wonderful comment! By the way, I enjoyed your blogs! Keep it up!

  • OH MY GOD!! Finally I got the answer of my curiousty since I joined this platform in this year.
    I was so pleased when my first blog became feature and got so many good responds. But then... I see my blogs just sink in the deep water. Lol.

    Well, now I know the reason why some blogs are featured. It doesn't matter for me bcos if I find these features are not interested then I will not even read. Talking about religion and politics will be such a controversial topic to be written, beside I find its something interesting. But to me, I prefer some experts to correct every mistakes I made in my writings. I just need to know which mistakes I made so I can learn more from that. Tjanks for our explanation Mod Smith!
  • A big thanks to the blog mods! It’s not easy to feature something every day. They read the various blogs and make assessments on a regular basis. PLUS they have their real jobs to do! Well done!
  • Oooh, I forgot one thing, and that is, I find it super cool, super awesome and really like your confidence according to feature your blogs.

    You are the blog moderator, so of course it will be yourself featuring own blogs, nothing much hokus pokus in that.

    Thumps up for you Expector Smith, you are a super moderator :). You are one of the persons who makes it worth to be here, and I really mean that!
  • Expector Smith,

    I would like to say something here as well please.

    I believe it is a great motivations factor for members to have their blogs featured. Personally the few times I had my blog featured, it has always been positively surprising and it feels so nice.

    I do believe there are members here who feel the same way. Furthermore it is a great encouragement for new members/bloggers and may work as a motivation to write regularly. Featuring blogs is a great feature here.

    I do understand your argument about members should keep writing regardless they have their blog featured or not. It is reasonable what you have expressed above, though I have to question it a little bit. If those are the criteria for featuring a blog, then taking as a point, that there are mostly the same members active blogging here, it would just be the same and same members blog as get featured.

    I believe focus should also be more upon new members/bloggers because it could be a way for them to be more active at blogging.

    I agree with you completely that members should refrain writing about any kind of religious blogs regardless which religious direction. We have seen examples on how some members post such blogs with the only agenda to create gaps, insults, denigrations, spread hatred and splitting, disguised as they only want to debate. If they feel such big urge to do that, it can perfectly be done elsewhere.

    The only outcome is often discussion get heated and members almost blindfolded yell at each other, not with the agenda of listening and trying to understand, but with the only purpose to come through with their own arguments and opinions. When discussions are based on that, there are no meaningful exchange of opinions, there is no understanding and learning something from it, is non existent.

    I think particularly such discussions/blogs, moderator should consider deleting them. When all is said, I support what you have expressed above.
  • It was Tara's time.  Once I wrote a blog.  Tara found it interesting and eye-catching.  She was waiting for the some mods to recommend it for featuring. But it might be overlooked.  Tara remarked that she can't wait much and featured the blog herself. (However, she was one of Admin).

    Bottom line is sometimes blogs are overlooked by mods due to their preoccupations.

  • Smith....I just wanted to say when a blogger finds his/her blogs as featured, they must be happy. Yes, some of my blogs were featured and it gave me confident specially in the beginning. Though they were not error-less but I know they were informative and topics were good. So, keep featuring!

  • Oh you guys made Expector upset! tsk tsk tsk... 

    Expector, don't listen to the insurgent herd! I really think you do a good job here. Actually, I could never be moderator 'cause I couldn't keep 'neutral'... If i was you, I'd feature just blogs supporting atheism and kittens XD

    I couldn't care less which blogs are 'featured' same as I never cared who was 'star member' or anything like that. I dislike any kind of competition, but I can understand it can be a motivation for other members. But anyway... I'm going off the point and I just wanna say that I can't deny I kinda like to see how a non-religious or politic topic can also end up being controversial... sorry, I can't help to find 'the funny side' ;)

  • Hey!Hey!Hey! What's wrong?

    I just suggested you keep blogging, no matter whether your blogs were featured or not. Does that sound so unreasonable or unfair?

    It's pointless to feature all of the blogs, so only a few blogs can be featured. Some members may just read featured blogs while you may not read any of them. We may have missed your blogs and failed to feature them, but, by the way, I don't think your blogs are more deserved to be featured than those featured ones!

    I won't feature any of my blogs myself (I thought you found my blogs helpful), but I'd reiterate that it's up to the blog mods and the admin to choose the blogs to feature. You can choose to ignore the featured blogs, though - it's up to you to choose the blogs to read!!!

  • Making one of my blogs featured here . Will really make me happy
    However , it's is okay for me to write for the sake of writing itself . So , that I can improve and learn more English more . Finally , I want to say that I am so grateful for English club, that gave me this unique cyber platform where I can post my blogs :) and read and comment on other members blogs :)

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