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Your WORDS, 

are still touching my ears every day.

NO, in every MOMENT.

Your voice,

which is like heavenly HYMNS,like the church bells that call the guilty people to come and ask for forgiveness .

I need IT...

YES, I need it to ask forgivness for my self for loving you..

 I miss The way that my name pronounced by you, Iam adoring this name because it comes out of your lips ..

I do not think you are from here because they all not resemble you.

They could not plant a flower in my heart and you plant a field of roses.

The eyes that saw you once couldn't see anyone ELSE! 

YES, you took away the light from them when you went and burned the flowers that you planted and burned my heart with it ... Why ??! 

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  • @Rose Iris

    Thank you for your nice comment :) 

  • WHY is always the eternal question that lovers ask when they had been left. Even if we get an answer, it never will gratify us, never cure the wounds they leave in our soul, and never let us understand the reasons.

    A romantic and sad poem. Thanks for sharing.


  • @Estanis

    Thanks my friend  

    You are encouraging me always for writing



  • Sentimental and nostalgic writing... so touching Noona, congrats!

  • @Mishaikh

    Yeah my friend it's a sin.. 

    that  sometimes we pay our whole life for it.

    Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • YES, I need it to ask forgivness for my self for loving you..

    It is truly very much "eastern" though written in English.  But relfects the reality of the 'sin' of loving.



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