Who is created community

The world is created by God, all religious people tell in their holy books . But who was created here Religions and castes and communities ,after the world is created by the God , first God created a man who was Adam , then he created woman by Adam bones. this is Bible word. According to scientific human beings are created by soil , so all we are developed by the creation from the earth,So we were born from the earth and eat in the earth grains and then we go to earth after death .In the mean time how our communities were created , caste systems were announced by who, and whom, are they clever , are they intelligent . these community and caste system introduced by the religious persons .Who is here power and powerless person here, who is here high born society and low born society , this community was created by worst fellows , they are not good born person . they are very worst . they are unfit to the world,Here all are equal in society . all are human beings , don't feel different hereall we are gods children , we are brothers and sisters , we are relations , we must help each other . this is god activities
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  • thanks sir for your nice comments

  • I think the castes were created by the wealthy so they didn't mix with the poor. That is too simple a statement but largely true, I bet.
  • thank you sir for your comments
  • Rathanam,

    People should be all equal I think. I think the caste system was created to keep certain groups of priests and their families separate and "better" than others. It is just the chance of birth that determines if you are in a top caste or an untouchable lower caste. India is not the only place that has had the idea of caste systems.
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