Who can answer this?

Hello, Guys. 

Let's see if you can answer this joke... 

Someone who doesn't know much English wants to invite an English Speaker to take dinner with him. He points at his own home and says "Come".

Now the question is: how can he tell the guest to leave home when they are done?

Guys, it's just a joke. So, please don't be serious around it, and try to wear your sense of humor answering it :D 



Answered by Ella :D 

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  •  =D   out 

    • what if the host only knows the word "come" :D then he is going tio follow Ella's technique, I guess :P

  • Wow, Ella, you guested it well... that's correct... all he needs to do is to go to the outdoors and tell the guest "Come"... problem solved. Thanks Ella :D 

    • yea.. easy is that English.. all you need is  to walk too much :P

      • btw. this topic is an inexhaustible source of ideas.. it can NOT be answered with just one answer.. So, pls, delete note "answered by Ella" ...and let us exchange more suggestions :D

        • Inexhaustible :D oh yeah, after seeing Rose's suggestion, I believe there could be more genuis answers :D

          Please feel free to share your techniques with us. Some guys (Estanis) seem interesting to learn :D

  • How to tell the guest to leave home ??  

    pfff thats simple..

    After dinner, the host just need to go in yard and then tell again to guest "Come"..

    When he bring him in yard, host will enter his house and close the door..



    • Now your technique is useless with us

      • hhhh.. luckily I have more then one technique :D

    • Laughing So Hard Smiley Face, Emoticon

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