Who can answer this?

Hello, Guys. 

Let's see if you can answer this joke... 

Someone who doesn't know much English wants to invite an English Speaker to take dinner with him. He points at his own home and says "Come".

Now the question is: how can he tell the guest to leave home when they are done?

Guys, it's just a joke. So, please don't be serious around it, and try to wear your sense of humor answering it :D 



Answered by Ella :D 

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        • Hmmmm...is it bad or good? Hahahahaha...

          • Hahahaha, it's genius, Rose... You will find me there to set the fire, just to make things more exciting and real :D

            • Hahahaha, AG...what a bad boy you are! I like your humor.

  • Haha, AG, good question. I have never been in such a situation. Just let me say, dinner is in the evening, so I would show my guest I am tired and want to go to sleep. That we can make understandable with gestures. Usually, I don't do that, but in that case, it will be allowed. At least I think so.

  • If there is a compulsion of the situation, there are formal phrases and words for this, like:

    "I believe you have other things to tackle with at home, besides I also want to sleep early, so that wake up early to do some household in hand..............."

    This is only an example.  Similar formalities can be used/created accordingly.  We once had faced a situation like this a family gathering and a couple (ony the husband) didn't seem in hurry to leave, while other were already left. One of my cousins used similar formalities, "it's almost midnight, and later on it will be hard for you to find the transport back to your home."  The couple used the taxi while cming to the party.

  • Hehe.. yes weird situation. Btw are you the guest or the host? :D

    • lol, I haven't been in the situation... but I can imagine myself as an inviter of a Spanish Speaker for example... then I could only say "gracias" and "Hola", I am not sure how to handle the situation of saying "Goodbye" though :D 

      • Now you know the trhee words you need to come and have dinner 'hola - gracias - adios' :p  Hope you'll like my paella.

        • adios and paella...they become 4 words... very interesting to learn a new word and a new dish at the same time... I am sure it will be amazing... gracias, amigo ;)

  • Oi there, folks

       I have been cautioned in my upbringing that guests whom we deliberately invite to our home should not be told to leave.

       LOL...I just imagined a situation: Somebody invites a foreigner to his home, serves a meal and then says:

      "OK, Mr, eat finish, now get out!"

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