God made me. I was no accident, no happenstance. I was in God's plan... and He doesn't make junk, ever. I was born to be a successful human being. I am somebody special, unique, definitely one of a kind. And I love me. I have talents, potentials. Yes, there is a greatness in me. And if I harness that specialness, then I will write my name in the sands of time with my deeds. I am thankful to God for being me...

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  • Kamusta Al asraf D. Dianalan, mabuti naman! Hehe, anu ang ginagawa mo, kaibigan ko? Congratulation My good friend! By the way, see The Wedding and give me your opinion about it, thanks!

  • Nice writing dear, may God bless you

  • Though this is a very nice thought, I believed you should put credit where credit dues. This piece was written by Art Fettig and I believed it's a copy righted. It is called 'The Self Esteem Credo'.

    The Self Esteem Credo
    For many years, as a professional speaker often making a hundred presentations a year in the fields of education, sales, safety or positive living I…
  • Oi there, folks

      Indeed, God is great, yet the insolence of His "masterpiece" is abyssmal.

  • Oh Beautifuly written and so interesting. Good work, well done.keep writing. Thanks for sharing.
  • God is great!
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