Wherever I gone........

Time at 8.00 AM............I don't know how much time I spend there,just fallen to sleep.I created many things in my dreams...yes I was dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.A huge sound!!!!!!!!Woke up suddenly and took my mobile....Time is 9.50.I was sleeping till my train is coming.My train has arrived.just search my bag.YES,all are ready and took my reservation ticket from my bag..It was my first long journey.I get inside the train and found my seat. yes...Everything is OK.

                                                         Actually I was too tired.because I had too much luggage.(don't say to any buddy,inside my luggage full of kind of food items).MOM arranged it for me last night.I was actually happy very much.because it was my first long journey.again and again I would like to tell ''I was really happy''because,I had lot of space for do everything inside my compartment....I can dancing,sleeping,jumping,climbing,running etc............I just fallen on my seat.Train just moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!some buddy is there near my compartment.they were busy with something.I didn't mind them.because mom told me ''to be silent inside the train and finish the food items before reached my station.I had actually two days travelling so I didn't bothered about that.again just felled to sleep.

                                                        After a few moments!!!!!!!!!!!I heard a lady's sound.YES....she is asking something near at me.I seen that she is like a beggar.(I don't like to call them as a beggar)Because,we are human beings.No buddy can live without others help.we are always depending society for everything. OK whatever it may be come to the point.....They were Two, mom and her daughter.I read this thing from their face.may be or not..they were asking again and again...that is..............................................

'''Please give me anything ''''''we didn't had anything last two days'''

I hurt too much when I heard that words.and just shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just thought about my mom and her food that mom sent me..I took my food all,given half for them.(please don't think its just half only,I given two days food for them.).They were happy...I was also happy for that.I was like a hero for a minute.some buddy they were looking me like a hero also.They appreciated me very much.I started to talking with others'''how to helping them''and how to modify or improve our culture something like that....after few minutes,I return to my seat again.just closed my eyes.may be fallen to sleep.

''suddenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I heard that words again....I opened my Eyes then,listened  for a second to find from where that ''words'' coming...YES its coming from near my compartment.

'''Please give me anything''''''we didn't had anything last two days'''

I closed my eyes.....and just start to act as a sleeping man.

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  • It's difficult to recognize who are the real needy people, but you felt responsible for them and helped them because of humanitarianism.

  • I'm not sure about it. But it's right, everything we gave will surely be paid. Just give them by natural you have, not everything you have. Keep doing good, Nishan..! :)

  • Thanks Nangfa..thanks for ur useful comment.

  • Thanks dear brother Nimsaf..thanks for your sharing on my blog.I will come to Maldives next year....

  • Whatever you did, you will be paid back. Blessings for your life and family.

  • I'm fully agri for onee chans comment.
    Yes nishan it's a nice blog.feel very interesting to read.event I have also faced these type of incidence.in asian countries these things nothing.event Maldives also same.
    Anyway its nice true story.thanks for sharing.
  • dear friend I just changed that words as you told....and also you denote something here..yes you are right..beggars have a group and a leader also.how we can find who are good or bad???????

  • I am really happy to see your comments here dear friends,Elen and camel....thank you very much..

  • Hi Nishan,, how are you there? :)

    Nice to see your writing. I like you express your story. So natural!

    But may I tell you one thing, this word: fall(verb 1), fell (verb 2), fallen (verb 3). Not felled. Maybe you mean you "fell asleep", means change from a waking to a sleeping state. 

    You know, in some places in my country. If I give money to one of beggars and I'm still there for doing something, another beggar would come again, and again. And I usually do not give the second beggar too. Some of them really do it as their job. You will be shocked when knowing them are richer than us. Sometimes it hurts me knowing that after I gave them money, they smoke a cigarette. Agree with you Nishan, I'd rather give them foods or goods than money. Nice blog! :)

  • They are not all real poor, don't believe them all, even if they are you can't give all you have... :)

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